Judge Orders Alex Jones to Sell Off His Personal Assets


On Friday, a federal judge ordered the liquidation of Alex Jones’s personal assets. He is still deciding on the company’s separate bankruptcy case. This threatens the future of the Infowars media platform. Jones owes 1.5 billion for his false claims that the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting was a hoax.

His comments were condemned by most people. However, many say the settlement is absurd.

Some of the parents of Sandy Hook victims became very political. They started an anti-second amendment group and it continues to this day.

Judge Christopher Lopez approved converting Jones’s proposed personal bankruptcy reorganization to a liquidation.

Jones will probably be able to keep his primary home in Austin and some of his belongings. He has already put his Texas ranch, worth about $2.8 million, up for sale. He will also put up his gun collection and other assets for sale.

Jones has not reacted; however, a headline on Infowars allowed people to watch it live.

Jones has been warning his viewers, “This is probably the end of Infowars here very, very soon. If not today, in the next few weeks or months, but it’s just the beginning of my fight against tyranny.”

Jones urged his followers to download videos from his archive so they could be preserved. He told them to point them to a new website of his father’s company if they wanted to continue buying his dietary supplements.

The families of the murdered children at Sandy Hook were traumatized by his comments, and they believe this will be part of the healing process for them, although they’ll never forgive him.

Jones offered to pay them the revenues from his show as part of the payment, but the families refused.

There is still a possibility that the company case would be dismissed. In which case, it would go back to the state courts.

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