Judge Pirro Explains What Peter Strzok Was Really Up to


Judge Pirro said on her Fox Saturday night show that corrupt agent Peter Strzok wasn’t trying to keep Donald Trump from winning. It was worse than that.

“Strzok wasn’t trying to prevent Trump from winning,” former judge Jeanine Pirro said. “What he was doing was even worse. He was talking about having a plan to effectively disenfranchise the voters who elected Trump. Should Trump win, forget democracy, forget the people. Those voters who Strzok doesn’t like are idiots. He said so himself. In a texting to his mistress.”

His texts did make clear that he feels superior to the people he referred to as smelly hillbillies. He needed to save the dopes from themselves by intervening in the election.

Both Strzok and his paramour Lisa Page were guilty of election interference. Whether they were effective is another question.

Strzok tried to cover up his trashing of the electorate by lying but it just made him look like a liar. We like the way James Woods put it in this tweet.

The judge sees the disenfranchisement of Trump voters as the plan, and she thinks she knows what the insurance policy is.

“If his candidate of choice didn’t win — the one he helped avoid criminal liability — he was going to abuse the power we entrusted him to insure that it didn’t matter,” Pirro continued, referring to then-Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“If the unthinkable were to happen, his insurance policy would help deal with it. The insurance policy, my friends, is the Russia collusion investigation,” Pirro concluded her monologue.

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