Judge Recognizes Two Chimps As Persons With Rights


Hercules and Leo, who are supposedly unwilling residents of a biomedical lab at Stony Brook University, have been granted a writ of habeas corpus which, to some extent, recognizes them as persons with rights.

Hercules and Leo are chimps.

In Manhattan Supreme Court yesterday (where else), Justice Barbara Jaffe ruled that someone from Stony Brook must appear in court on May 6 to explain why the chimps are being detained according to Science magazine.

After word spread, Justice Jaffe amended the writ on Tuesday, saying that it was simply a formal way of directing the university to her courtroom to present its case.

“All this does is allow the parties to argue their case in court,” said David Bookstaver, a spokesman for the New York State court system.

If the judge doesn’t like what Stony Brook says, Hercules and Leo will end up in a chimp sanctuary in Florida called Save the Chimps.

The petition was brought by the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP), the only organization that seeks legal rights for species other than humans.


In 2012, this group was a friend of the court in the case filed by PETA. They sued Seaworld for “enslaving” Orcas.

They sent speakers to the Personhood Beyond the Human conference at Yale University in 2013. The speakers promoted the elevation of “personhood” to animals, condemning Christianity as “abominable” for elevating people above animals and claiming that man is made in the image and likeness of God.

The goal of the speakers is to “animalize” mankind.

The president’s own science advisor, Cass Sunstein once thought animals should be given lawyers and have the right to sue in court. He also considered the notion of outlawing hunting.

If only they cared as much about human babies in the womb.

I have to admit that, as insane as this is, part of me is rooting for the chimps to go to the chimp farm.

Source: Wired


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