Judge Roy Moore Beats Mitch McConnell in Alabama


The Alabama senatorial primary was never simply about Judge Roy Moore and Sen. Luther Strange. It was always Moore against the establishment and Sen. Mitch McConnell.

The establishment Republicans poured at least $8 million, some say $30 million, into the race. They had Trump and Pence running around in a state where the people love Trump and Pence, all in an effort to defeat Roy Moore in the primary against Sen. Luther Strange. They still couldn’t win!

The establishment is more intent on eating its own than defeating the Democrats who are now radical left.

Mitch McConnell and his buddy Karl Rove lost this election. It’s a mystery as to why the President and his Vice President campaigned so intensely against Moore in support of McConnell who has 19% approval ratings nationwide and 18% in his home state of Kentucky.

Moore ran on Trump’s agenda. He’s anti-McConnell and wants a real Obamacare repeal and replace. That could be a problem on future bills that liberal Republicans might accept.

On the same day Moore won, McConnell’s reliable establishment cohort Bob Corker announced his retirement. It was a bad day for McConnell.

Judge Napolitano says about the vote that “it’s a rejection of a very different Donald Trump”. He asked Marie Harf if the Democrat could win.

Democrat Doug Jones who will be Moore’s opponent supports: Obamacare, federally-controlled education and climate change regulations no matter how they much they damage the economy.

The establishment and Mitch McConnell will likely prefer to see Jones win. They didn’t support Trump and they won’t support Moore.

It was Mitch McConnell who told Republicans they could drop Trump “like a hot rock”. McConnell also abandoned retired Air Force Lt. Col. Darryl Green in the Colorado Senate race.

Mitch could be a traitor. Have you noticed the media doesn’t criticize McConnell very much? They don’t frame this loss as a hit against McConnell but against Trump even though Moore supports Trump’s agenda and the people in Alabama say they voted for Moore for the Trump agenda.

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Occam's Stubble
Occam's Stubble
5 years ago

“The establishment is more intent on eating its own than defeating the Democrats who are now radical left.”

They think having too many radical Republicans will cause them to lose power. They are correct. However, having many radical Republicans is also how you advance your agenda. The Democrats have no problem sacrificing power for a few years to advance their agenda. Case in point: Obama cost the Democrats a thousand legislative seats during his term and set the stage for Hillary to lose an election everyone thought she’d win. Sounds bad, right? No, because Obama also got everyone in the country thinking that health care is the government’s responsibility and that will pay dividends to the Democrats for decades to come.

5 years ago

Voters decided this election before Trump endorsed Strange. I do not think this election reflects on Trump or the very different Trump. The Judge is off so often. He has even been caught getting basic law wrong.

5 years ago

Mitch is a traitor. He has been working to help only RINOs and depriving conservatives of money for a long time. He was caught on tape bitterly attacking the Tea Party. He blocks/ stalls Trump’s agenda. He allows committees to hold useless hearings on Trump.

Aodh P O'Beachain
5 years ago

IF they did not pour money into a tight race they would lose. Duh

5 years ago

That’s why I haven’t given to the Republican party for years. With all the upcoming races they Decide to spend all this money on a “PRIMARY”. “Stupid is as Stupid does”, and “Don’t get stuck on Stupid”