Judge Them by the Color of Their Skin, Forget Character


All whites are inherently racist. Racism is embedded in our culture from its founding. Nothing is intrinsically bad, not even rape, except for maybe Christianity, freedom, the free market and rich white people. Crimes are committed because of our constitutional freedoms which allow us to hurt people. If we limit peoples’ freedoms, there will be no crimes and no evil.

These are some of the views and tacit implications expressed by the many educational speakers at the white privilege conference held in March 2014. It’s an annual conference and this year’s conference was held in Baltimore.

nonsensical white privilege theory

Every year, this conference is attended by thousands of parents, students, and teachers. It’s not only taking place on the national level, individual cities hold them also. Portland taxpayers spend $100,000 a year in their schools to indoctrinate the educational community in white supremacy, white privilege, whites are bad and so on.

PJ Media has a report on the 2015 national conference held this past weekend. The National Summit for Courageous Conversation 2015, was organized by the Pacific Educational Group (PEG) featuring workshops on “interrupting whiteness” in American schools, the “dominance of White supremacy” in society, “White privilege” enjoyed by Caucasian students, “white domination of thought,” and how to “decenter whiteness.”

They seem to think they are going to help minorities by demonizing whites and frightening blacks. The following course and description suggests hate mongering and promotes victimhood. Imagine if the tables were reversed?

whiteprivilege bigotry 1

Based on Critical Race Theory, the underlying assumption, which the intellectuals believe is a given, is that all whites are inherently racist and whites are to blame for everything. You can’t call them racists either. Racism, according to the theory, is prejudice plus power; and since (according to the theory) black people have no power in society, by definition they can’t be racist.

If you don’t go along with this garbage, you are in “white denial”.

They – PEG and the intellectual loons they represent – want to make classrooms and our culture afrocentric instead of Eurocentric. They are basically teaching collectivism. It’s a Marxist attack on traditional values and they are using minorities to do it.

PJ Media believes they are trying to lessen black violence in the classroom with this. How? To teach them whites are to blame and black gang youth and their parents have little or no responsibility?

The man who founded and runs PEG is a scam artist and you can find out about him on this link.

Along with that anti-white idea is the anti-Capitalism, anti-Christian ideas that go with it.

In 2014, Progressives Today covered the workshops. It’s nasty stuff.

According to one professor who lectured at the conference, critical race theory is central to white privilege and it says, “You can’t just look at the face.” Look at Clarence Thomas, the speaker continued, can he compare with Thurgood Marshall? She then went on to mock and insult Thomas in a despicable way.

Another speaker talked about Christian hegemony which, according to him, is the “everyday, pervasive, deep-seated, and institutionalized dominance of Christian values, leaders, and Christians as a group, primarily for the benefit of Christian ruling elites.”

The Tea Party was demonized as racist. “The longer you are in the Tea Party, the more racist you become.”

People in gated communities are incoherent white racists who put their kids in white academies, according to one hate-filled speaker.

Capitalism needs to be dismantled, said another professor. Free market capitalists have ethnocentric values, she insisted. Capitalism is synonymous with racism, white privilege, sexism, and so on, according to her warped vision.

One professor wants limits on free speech because it hurts people and could cause people to commit crimes. The false assumption being they wouldn’t have committed crimes if they weren’t hurt. Painful language must be stopped at every governmental level, this statist declared.

Some workshops only allowed blacks and indigenous people. Apparently non-whites need to de-brief without whites in their present at the end of the day after being fed this hate-filled bigoted garbage all day long.

A “white ally” was assigned during the workshops though the ally could hardly have been considered an ally.

Read this exchange:

“White people do not experience racism,” she told the investigator.

“White people can experience discrimination, but not racism.”

“Would you define discrimination as something intrinsically bad?” the investigator asked. “No, I don’t think anything is intrinsically bad. As a sociologist, I think context means everything.” “Rape isn’t intrinsically bad?” the investigator responded.

“It is not,” the White ally said.

There you have it. Rape isn’t intrinsically bad. Nothing is. There is no evil [except for maybe whiteness]. People commit crimes because of our constitutional freedoms.

The participants are being told to put this in the classroom, starting at age 4!

Blaming whites has done nothing for the black children in Chicago, Baltimore, and elsewhere who are joining gangs, dealing drugs, and killing one another. All this does is further the damaging leftist ideology of hate and blame that is ruining city after city and has harmed black culture.


I ask myself, what would Martin Luther King Jr. do?




  1. Payback time. That are growing their own racism movement to organize and execute their own brand of justice. They feel justified, righteous, and empowered. But they are wrong. They are guilty of the exact same racism they accuse whites of when they trod down this road. Farakhan accuses Jews of not forgiving Hitler for the holocaust, yet he sits guilty of unforgiveness toward whites in America for slavery. It’s time for their revenge, time for their reckoning, time to release all their anger and hate. But they are forgetting God’s word. Vengeance is mine says the Lord, I will repay. Whatever a man sows, he will also reap. Hope they realize this before incurring judgement. God forgive them, they know not what they do.

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