Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Says No Chance FBI Will Root Out Corruption


Lou Dobbs brought on the Director of Investigations and Research for Judicial Watch Chris Farrell to discuss FBI agent Pete Strzok who, contrary to reports, has not been demoted or fired. He is in a cushy HR job at the FBI for now.

Farrell said for this level of corruption he should have been arrested. Strzok is the agent who appeared to politicize both the Clinton and the Russia collusion investigations.

This misbehavior is not simply negligence or circumventing rules, it’s corruption, he believes. Instead, it is a willful turning and twisting of the investigations. Strzok’s actions are criminal.

They discussed the biased left Andrew Weissman and the other Democrat members of Mueller’s team. Nine are Democrats or Democrat donors, none are Republicans.

Farrell said don’t expect the Inspector General to find any fault with the FBI. The agency can’t police itself. He then went on to describe his personal experience with corruption and having to force them to even interview the witness.

After all that has happened, all the apparent corruption, Christopher Wray sent a cheerleading letter to the 35,000 employees this week, Dobbs pointed out. At the same time, in the eyes of Americans, the reputation of the FBI and their leaders might be irretrievably harmed. In fact, James Comey seriously damaged the FBI by politicizing the investigation of Hillary Clinton.

Wray is establishment.

We no longer can expect “equal justice under the law”, Farrell believes.

Farell does not see Congress bringing the FBI under control either — sadly.

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