Judicial Watch Says There Are 4 Obama-Clinton “Get Trump” Dossiers


The only basis for the Steele dossier appears to be Clinton opposition research. Clinton’s fixer Cody Shearer put another dossier together. Cody Shearer got it to the FBI to undermine Trump. [ Jon Winer at State appear to have been the conduit]

Mr. Fitton, President of Judicial Watch says they came across a third dossier on Russia operations:

We received the documents, we just released them this week. So what happens is, shortly before President Trump came into office, the Obama State Department gathered intelligence, the classified material on Russian activities on elections and public policy, fights abroad especially in Europe [….] They sent them to their buddy Ben Cardin, a Democrat from Maryland.

So they were vacuuming classified information, creating a special dossier on Russia and sending classified information to, according to reports at the time, with the express purpose of not allowing the Trump administration to assert its prerogative on the handling of this classified information and its relations with Russia.

By my count, there are now at least 4 Obama/Clinton “get Trump” dossiers,” tweeted Judicial Watch.


The basis for the Mueller investigation is just not there.

Mr. Mueller and Mr. Comey appear to have coordinated on his anti-Trump testimony. He met with him immediately before. Fitton can’t get any documents on their meetings so he sued once again.

Judicial Watch is doing this, not Congress. Mr. Fitton asks why aren’t they? It’s an easy process to request them.

Mr. Fitton has grave concerns about the Mueller operation and explains here:

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