Judicial Watch Sues the EPA Deep State Who Are Using Technology to Hide Subversive Activities


Judicial Watch is suing the Environmental Protection Agency to release communications within the agency to expose an underground of anti-Trump bureaucrats who want to block the president’s policies.

In February, Politico reported, “Federal employees worried that President Donald Trump will gut their agencies are creating new email addresses, signing up for encrypted messaging apps and looking for other, protected ways to push back against the new administration’s agenda.”

Employees within the EPA, the Foreign Service, and the Labor Department, are organizing, sending letters, strategizing, meeting privately, and contacting media outlets and other groups to express dissent, according to the report.

They are circumventing the workplace rules covering communications to avoid being fired and to keep the public from finding out what they are up to.

In an April 14 press release, Judicial Watch announced a lawsuit pursuing “The administrative deep state – the legions of unelected, entrenched bureaucrats in Washington” which “thinks it doesn’t have to answer to an elected president, the rule of law, or the American people.”

They are looking in particular into a cell phone encryption app called Signal that they believe is being used “to thwart government oversight and transparency.”

In other words, federal employees are using technology to avoid FOIA. They are violating the law.

Not part of this suit but relevant, is the fact that states are ignoring Donald Trump’s orders. For example, the California U.S. attorney is ignoring the new executive order repealing the EPA water rule. He’s rejecting the authority of the new leadership in the EPA under Scott Pruitt.

It’s hard to understand why Congress isn’t pursuing this and it takes a private government watchdog to do their job. Why aren’t people being fired?

What about the fact that the FBI used a fake dossier to spy on Trump associates and they all still have their jobs. In fact, all the departments are filled with Obama holdovers.

Then there is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which is a rogue agency created by Barack Obama. They are accountable to no one and the Director appointed by Obama can’t be fired. He’s using tax returns to advertise his bureau and has the largest budget for PR of any government agency.

As I was saying, where is Congress and why aren’t people being fired or sent to outposts in remote regions?

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