Wikileaks Is Tweeting Assange Will Agree to Extradition to the US


Julian Assange said he’d turn himself in if Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning was released. It looks like he is going to do it. That’s probably a mistake but being locked up in a small room in Ecuador’s UK embassy for 7 years could do that to a person. It’s not clear what the charges would be either.

Assange would likely be prosecuted by the US for his involvement in publishing millions of secret government documents. There are possible charges in the Manning case as well. He, after all, published the hundreds of thousands of military intelligence documents.

Swedish authorities will also be able to move forward with their own case against him, which is sketchy at best if Assange’s story is believed.

The same people who cheered when Hillary talked about droning him, want Assange to turn himself over for extradition.

One has to wonder why he’s confident he will get the kind of trial he thinks he’s going to get.

Assange didn’t really have a “deal” with Obama. Obama would have commuted Manning’s sentence regardless. Manning is called a “whistleblower” by Assange but the US calls him a traitor.

Neera Tanden, who heads up Soros’s Center for American Progress, was exposed by Wikileaks, often in unflattering ways, tweeted.

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