Julian Assange Says Trump Had No Corrupt Ties with Russia, But Hillary Did


Julian Assange was interviewed about his investigation of both presidential candidates in 2016. In this clip, he explains that he found no corrupt ties between Russia and Trump but there are between Hillary and Russia.

Assange said he investigated both presidential candidates but Hillary was the only one with corrupt ties to Russia – many of them.

  • Dems don’t care as it doesn’t fit their narrative of crippling the Trump Presidency. What the Dems shortsightedly refuse to understand is they are now writing the playbook for the losing party to eliminate the effectiveness of any future President. The Dems are basically trying to destroy the Executive branch of the government, and one must ask themselves why? The so called destruction of Trump will in essence be the total destruction of the executive branch in the future as well as the losing party will play the same gameplan over and over again.

  • This is always been known. Clintons have always had people covering their corruption since the 1970s Arkansas. These people are disgusting and evil. They cover their tracks through blackmail, lies, witnesses disappearing, ending up dead by suicide or murder, or by accidents. They are truly the epitome of evil.

    • I don’t trust Assange and Hillary didn’t approve the deal alone but she is the only one whose Foundation made over 145 million in donations as a result.