Julian Castro says crime happens, doesn’t matter if they’re here illegally


Julian Castro said at a Tempe, Arizona town hall last night that “crime happens” when resident Jessica Walsh asked if he would back not releasing illegal aliens arrested for a crime. Her ID has been stolen by an illegal alien who disappeared after he was released without bail.

His view is that it doesn’t matter if someone here legally or illegally commits a crime, which is the official view of the Democratic Party. Castro never really answered her question but we got a more significant answer from his non-answer.

“Let me begin the answer to that question by saying look, all of us know as human beings that regardless of circumstance, whether people are rich or poor, no matter the color of their skin, what their background is, that people commit crimes,” said Castro with a bit of a condescending tone. “Crime happens.”

Of course, he wants the person punished, he says.

“I have said very clearly that if somebody commits a crime like that, they should be punished for that,” he told Welch. “It doesn’t matter who you are. Whether you’re an American citizen, whether you’re not an American citizen, whether you’re undocumented, if somebody commits that kind of crime, then, of course, I believe that that person should be punished.”

He then deflected about the so-called cruelty of holding any illegals at all.

“What I don’t believe is that we should be incarcerating these women and children who are fleeing desperate circumstances in those countries and simply are looking for a better life, and then we’re keeping them in cages like animals,” Castro preached. “And keeping these men in 100-degree heat, underneath a bridge, they’re fenced in like animals, like a dog pound basically.”

Nice switcheroo!


The answer to Ms. Walsh’s question is that he wants illegal aliens to stay in the country, whether they are criminals or not.

As we reported earlier, Julian is the son of LaRaza Rosie, a Reconquista. Rosie said they would reconquer America and the whites.

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