Julian Castro Says the Wall’s Immoral, Gives IDIOTIC Reasons


Julian Castro was interviewed by Jake Tapper about the border wall. Like Nancy Pelosi, he thinks the wall is immoral. Castro says if we build a wall of the type Donald Trump is talking about, it would “fundamentally change the notion of America from the State of Liberty that welcomes immigrants” to a country that “walls itself off from the rest of the world.” He’s referencing the Emma Lazarus poem.

OMG, where to begin.

The lovely Emma Lazarus poem was put on the Statue of Liberty by a bunch of liberals and is not U.S. policy. Someone tell Julian.

The Statue of Liberty, which has nothing to do with keeping out the riffraff on our southern border, doesn’t say anything about welcoming all illegal immigrants without even checking who they are or why they are coming.

Walling ourselves off from the world? He said that in all seriousness.

Then Tapper asked him why 100 more miles to a 600 plus mile wall would be immoral.

Castro’s incoherent response was that the old wall was “an old style of doing things.” It’s immoral because it’s old? Is that what he’s telling us?

Then he said the barrier was already addressed in the 600 plus miles.

It is possible that presidential hopeful, Julian Castro is as stupid as he sounds in this clip. He is a Socialist after all.

Does Castro think the wall is immoral to build now but wasn’t in ancient times, like 30 years ago, when the original wall was built? Watch the short clip.

Incidentally, he lied and said it’s hard to figure out what kind of wall the President wants.

The President started out with a concrete wall and compromised with a steel wall. It’s not hard to figure out what the President is saying to anyone but Julian.

What’s the Spanish equivalent of he’s full of malarkey?

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