Julian Castro Seems to Think Borders & Asylum Laws Are Racist


The 2020 Democratic candidates are certifiable. Take Julián Castro and his campaign manager, for example. They seem to think borders and asylum laws are racist.

Maya Rupert, the campaign manager for 2020 Democrat presidential hopeful Julián Castro, son of LaRaza Rosie, thinks it’s racist to oppose borders and ban fake asylum seekers.

She made a comment to that effect after Matt Wolking, the Deputy Director of Communications, questioned Castro’s “Basura” tweet to President Trump.

“What is Julian Castro so angry about here,” Wolking asked in a tweet. “Does he support asylum fraud? Does he support catch and release? Does he support illegal entry into the U.S.?”

Rupert answered for Castro and apparently, Wolking is right. She tweeted, “Racism. He’s angry about the obvious racism.”


The open-borders crowd is destroying the country.

Illegal alien advocacy group Casa de Maryland just put up bail money ($15,000) for a criminal alien who killed two Maryland men in 2017. They are also funding the offender’s asylum application, so he can’t be deported.

Michelle Malkin tells us what we’re up against in this tweet: Non-profit tax-exempt CASA de Maryland: $9 mil in revenue in 2017; nearly half of budget from local, state & fed govt; nearly $400,000 from Soros’ OSF in 2016-2017 alone; $1 mil from CITGO/Hugo Chavez; formerly headed by current DNC open-borders radical Tom Perez.

This should terrify you.



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