July 4th! AOC Lies About Crowd Size and Tribe Fears Tanks in the Streets


The left is operating under a mass delusion driven by hatred for the President and for the right in general. The only stations that aired the President’s July 4th celebration were C-Span, Fox News, and One America News Network. All of the media refused to show the fabulous celebration.

After the event, the media and other lunatic Democrats started a rumor that there was a small crowd. They did it even though it was live-streamed. People like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jon Cooper, an Obama drone, just out-and-out lied, along with many others.

Even Mark Knoller reported on the numbers.

This liar is Chairman of the Democrat Coalition an the former LI Campaign Chair for Barack Obama.

AOC is lying as usual.

Then we have the lunatics like Laurence Tribe, a hard-left weirdo, who think he militarized July 4th. There were a couple of tanks and all we heard was the tanks were going to ruin the roads.

“There was so much opposition to having tanks and I found out there were only a couple of tanks,” the Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway said. “It’s almost disappointing. I love seeing our — I love our military, I love seeing our military aircraft and tanks and whatnot and to find out it was only a couple of tanks to have all this opposition to it, if anything, the disappointment should be that there aren’t more tanks.”

This is what the frauds are afraid of:

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