June Unemployment Up to 9.2%


Unemployment up to 9.2% as jobless claims rise. How do people argue that Obama’s policies are working?

It was only last Friday that the WH released a report claiming the “Stimulus” created 3.6 million jobs. Today’s NY Post made a nice comparison with Canada, whose recession mirrored ours. They did NOT have a “stimulus.” From today’s Post: “…Canada greatly outperformed America in creating jobs — supposedly the whole point of the “stimulus.” US unemployment shot up to 10.1 percent and stayed high, remaining above 9.5 percent for almost all of the next 18 months. But Canadian unemployment peaked at 8.7 percent in September 2009 and kept falling. While our latest unemployment rate rose again to 9.1 percent, Canada’s has fallen to 7.4 percent…”

From The Washington Post: “…A key government measure on the nation’s jobs situation reported today that the U.S. unemployment rate for June edged up to 9.2 percent. Job gains continued in professional and business services along with mining.

Over the past 2 months, job growth has slowed markedly.  Employment rose by an average of 215,000 per month from February through April of this year, compared with an average of 22,000 for May and June.

Also today, GOP leaders will hold a press conference on the monthly jobs report and the House-passed jobs bill waiting for senate action. Later, Pres. Obama will deliver a statement on the new figures.

The BLS surveys about 140,000 businesses and government agencies in order to provide industry figures on worker’s employment, hours and earnings in the United States…” Read here: Unemployment up









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