Jussie Smollett Maga Attackers Under Arrest


Jussie Smollett said he was sure the two persons of interest, the Maga attackers, were the two men who attacked him with bleach and a noose. Look at their photos. They sure don’t look like your typical Maga white supremacists.

Both men, Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo, are officially under arrest and both worked as extras on ‘Empire’ and are friends with Smollett. The charges haven’t been released yet.

Donald Trump will be happy to know these two think so much of him that they roughed up an anti-Trump friend for him. They went to Nigeria the day of the attack, a few hours after, and were picked up at O’Hare two days ago.

A lot of Trump supporters go to Nigeria on vacation because he is very diverse.

Obviously, that’s sarcasm. The truth is Jussie Smollett had told TMZ the attackers were white although it’s not what he said in his initial report (below).

Maga attackers

You would think Smollett would recognize them! The police chief said Smollett is cooperative and still considered a victim.

CBS is still reporting the police think Jussie Smollett staged his own attack with these two men.


We need apologies from Rashida.

Then there was Maxine Waters who blamed Trump for the attack.

“I know Jussie. I love him. His family’s a friend of mine. I know his sisters, I know his mom, and I called already to Jazz, one of the sisters, to talk to her about what’s happening, about what’s going on,” Waters told The Giro.

Waters continued to praise Smollett for his work in the community.

“I’m pleased that he’s doing okay. But we have to understand this is happening for a reason. Why all of a sudden do we have people unable to study while black, unable to mow a lawn while black, unable to have picnic while black, and being attacked?” Waters said.

It didn’t take long for Mad Max to find a way to blame the alleged attack on Trump.

“It’s coming from the president of the United States. He’s dog whistling every day. He’s separating and dividing, and he’s basically emboldening those folks who feel this way.”