Just a Smidgeon of People Want Barack Obama Out Campaigning


A poll that tends to be among the most accurate found that voters aren’t going to be influenced by Barack Obama supporting them. Just about as many won’t be influenced by his endorsements.

He is the man who killed off 1,042 Democratic seats, including congressional and state legislative seats, governorships and the presidency so he could pass his abominable OCare.

The Numbers:

Rasmussen conducted the poll between Sept. 9 and 10 and found 38 percent of likely voters would be inclined to vote for a candidate Obama endorsed.

Another 36 percent were less likely to vote for such a candidate.

Twenty-four percent said Obama’s support for a candidate would not influence how they would vote.

The Questions:

1. Should former President Obama take a more public role in the Democratic opposition to President Trump and the Republicans?

2. Are you more likely or less likely to vote for a candidate whom former President Obama campaigns for? Or will his support for the candidate have no impact on your vote?

His Appalling Speeches:

This was taken after Obama told the world on September 7th at the University of Illinois that he is responsible for the Trump economy and that is after we suffered through 8 years of his anemic economy. It was also after he blathered about walls not keeping out terrorism or disease.

His second speech on Sunday in Anaheim lasted 23 minutes and drew 750 people.

Trump was asked about the speech at a North Dakota rally and said with his customary humor, “I’m sorry, I watched it, but I fell asleep,” Trump said.

Rasmussen polled 1,000 voters online and by phone with 95% confidence and a + or – 3 point spread. The questions asked:


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