Just In! Flynn Will Testify Against Trump, Trump’s Family


Update: 7:00 pm: As it turns out, this was ABC Fake News and Brian Ross, the “World’s Wrongest Reporter” got it all wrong and had to retract. Read the true story on this link.

If you want to give up everything for your country and you are on the right side of politics, you will likely give up everything in today’s climate. A new report indicates that Lt. Gen. Flynn has promised to testify against President Trump and his family members in what would shape up as an obstruction of justice case.

We must keep in mind that Flynn has admitted to being a liar and it diminishes his value as a witness.

The reporter who claims Flynn will give this testimony is Brian Ross who has as much credibility as a gnat. He’s the one who reported that the Aurora shooter was a tea party member. Even Gawker, the great Internet defamers, called Ross out for fake news. They wrote, “…under no circumstances should you listen to anything he says.” In 2001, Ross reported that Saddam Hussein and Iraq were behind the anthrax mailings. Remember the fake videos of Toyota cars losing control? — that’s right, it was Brian Ross!  Gawker called him, “America’s Worst Reporter.”

He makes things up out of whole cloth. Therefore, don’t believe this report until you see it happen with your own eyes. We have to report it because it’s all over the news.

ABC News said Flynn, facing up to five years in jail, was prepared to testify that before taking office Trump had directed him to make contact with Russians. That alone is not illegal.

He will testify that President Trump ordered him to make contact with the Russians. Flynn will also reportedly testify against Trump’s family.

That isn’t a problem in of itself but Trump has said all along he did not tell him to contact Russians but would have done so if he had known.

Trump said he didn’t ask Flynn to discuss sanctions with Russia.

Trump’s son, Donald Jr. and son-in-law Jared Kushner are also implicated in Russia’s interference efforts though, so far, there’s no proof or evidence they did anything illegal.

Trump Jr.’s and Kushner’s only faux pas so far is they met with Russians at a meeting in Trump Tower last June that was orchestrated by sleazy lobbyists working for Democrats — Fusion GPS. There is no evidence that the meeting was illegal.

Trump’s attorney Ty Cobb released a statement.

The other problem is it could be setting the stage for an obstruction of justice charge.

The way the Feds who are on a witch hunt get to obstruction of justice is this: Comey suggested Trump obstructed justice and was fired soon after. If Trump indeed prompted Flynn to engage in talks with Russia, it might mean he was aware that Flynn lied to the FBI about his discussions with the Russian ambassador. Flynn’s cooperation could very well provide Mueller with the evidence he needs to nail Trump on an obstruction charge, which is an impeachable offense.

There is no proof or even evidence so far.


  1. Well,, NOW ABC is walking back the “candidate Trump” and will correct it with “President-elect Trump”. Brian Ross is notorious for such misdirected hype.

  2. We cannot find Anyone who can describe an actual crime that was committed in all this. So, what is the purpose if there isn’t criminal activity. There is only One charge that can be levied on Trump. One of obstruction of justice. Prosecutors are well adept at weaving a thread of conspiracy with little evidence, but a long and drawn-out weave can seem to implicate an actual crime of conspiracy in obstruction. When it is deconstructed it just may be a superficial construct. Is this what Mueller is undertaking. THIS is what his team had done in the past and the result was a Unanimous decision against, by the Supreme Court.

    • I think you have it right, Greg. The aim is to blow so much smoke that the public will lose interest and the democrats will keep beating the drum for resignation- all to try and destroy his presidency. Even if Trump himself talked to the Russian ambassador as president elect, hr broke no laws.

  3. Greg, that’s what this all about , getting Trump out of the White House, Mueller was appointed to go after the BS Trump / Russian collusion effecting the 2016 election, its become finding anything on Trumps administration , Manafort/Gates/ popadoupulos/ Flynn have zero to do with the election, the indictments are nothingburgers compared to what Hillary/Obama’s FBI/DOJ have done, its all about bringing Trump DOWN!!!!

  4. Some time ago I wondered if the onslaught was an effort to put so much stress on Trump that he would just give up and resign, even without any legal action.

    This tactic of going after Trump, his family, and all his advisers would lend credence to the possibility that the ultimate goal is ridding the White House of Trump, By Any Means Necessary.

  5. I’m not too sure I would believe either one of them since they were once part of Obama’s administration, and we know how far Hillary can reach.

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