Justice Ginsburg proves her bias against President Trump


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg responded to Donald Trump’s call for the top U.S. court to stop impeachment. Ironically, she’s suggesting senators can be disqualified from the impeachment trial if they are not impartial.

None of the politicians are impartial. It’s ridiculous to think any of these politicians is impartial.

At an award ceremony event, the 86-year-old Justice was asked.“What’s your reading of the Constitution in the context of the president of the United States saying that the Supreme Court should stop this impeachment? Is there a reading that you can present?” the BBC’s Razia Iqbal asked Ginsburg on Monday during a BBC interview.

“The president is not a lawyer. He’s not law-trained,” Ginsburg replied, drawing laughter from the crowd at the Fourth Annual Berggruen Prize Gala in New York City. They gave her an award.

The far-left Justice appointed by former President Bill Clinton was responding to Iqbal’s reference to a tweet by the president wondering if the Supreme Court could weigh in to stop the impeachment process earlier this month.

“The truth is, the judiciary is a reactive institution,” Ginsburg said. “We don’t have a program, we don’t have an agenda. We react to what’s out there.”


Iqbal asked Ginsburg about potential bias in senators who may take part in the impeachment trial.

“You will be very aware that there are senators who are already saying before the impeachment gets to the Senate or the trial in the Senate, they’ve already made their minds up,” she said. “That’s problematic.”

“If a judge said that, a judge would be disqualified from sitting on the case,” she told Iqbal.“My old Chief Justice Rehnquist put it very well,” she added. “He said “The day a judge stops being impartial and starts to do things to please the home crowd…that’s the day the judge should step down from office.’”


She is disingenuous here. There has already been a Supreme Court ruling on this stating that Senators are NOT jurors because they are inherently biased. An impeachment is strictly political and is decided by the political parties.

This is the same woman who promised to move to New Zealand if Trump was elected and who said nothing about the unfair and wholly unAmerican House proceedings that took place in a bunker without Republican witnesses and which deprived the President of due process and presumption of innocence. They told the President he could come and testify to prove his innocence. They ignored fact witnesses and went with witnesses who heard it 2nd-hand all the way up to 6th-hand.

The House was totally biased and they stacked the deck. Now they want the Senate to retry the impeachment with new witnesses or they will hold back the impeachment. This way, they can say he was never acquitted.

Ginsburg only sees one side of the equation.


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