Justice! Lawsuits, Prosecutors Hunting Down the Guilty in Covington Case


The Covington Catholic School boys are at the heart of a nothing-burger controversy whipped up by hysterical and irresponsible media, politicians, and celebrities.

A lawyer has volunteered to represent the victims for free and has given the offenders 48 hours to confess and retract their libelous comments.

At the same time, prosecutors are now heavily involved in finding and arresting the vicious leftists who have threatened to kill the boys and their families.


As we wrote earlier, radical Socialist/Communist Democrat Ilhan Omar tweeted a bald-faced lie about the Covington boys and linked to an inappropriate article on white supremacy to smear them as racists. She has since removed the tweet so we are posting it here.


Robert Barnes, a Republican attorney of some note, is a popular social media personality. He told a number of the parents, students, and alumni at Covington he will represent them for free in class action lawsuits.

He wants to sue Maggie Haberman, one of the first, if not the first, to stir up the vicious assault against the children. Haberman is partly responsible for the doxxing of the families. She has not withdrawn her comments even though her own paper admitted the boys are innocent.

She hasn’t retracted her libelous comments.

Watch! He calls Haberman’s comments “obvious libel!”

This is another big, black eye for the lying media. And as Mollie Hemingway, writer for The Federalist says, if they can’t get the obvious correct, how good are their anonymous sources.

Kathy Griffin is another one who begged the public to doxx and abuse the kids and their families.

Attorney Robert Barnes told ‘Fox & Friends’ that any ‘false statements’ made about the students needs to be retracted and corrected within 48 hours or he will sue. Everyone vicious libelist has until Friday.

He posted this next tweet as soon as Omar, the anti-white congresswoman, posted her lie. He thanked her when she removed the tweet. [but where’s her apology or retraction?]


At the same time, Kenton County prosecutor Rob Sanders confirmed that he has multiple ongoing investigations into “numerous, numerous threats” against the boys and families.

The threats are growing and Sanders said that other jurisdictions are now involved.

Sanders said that acts of “terroristic threatening” are felony offenses punishable by up to five years in prison.

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