Justice Roberts Might Be Bucking to Become the Next Justice Kennedy


Chief Justice Roberts appears to be on target to become the new liberal Justice Kennedy who will find more and more with the left. Recently, Roberts has sided with liberal justices just as much as he has with conservatives.

That isn’t the final word and we still have to give it time, but it’s not looking good so far.

Justice Roberts sided with the left in two abortion cases and two death penalty cases. Roberts sided with liberals on the case that was brought against Trump-led travel restrictions.

In the first abortion case, the Justices Roberts and Kavanaugh voted against a review of a lower court decision favoring Planned Parenthood in December 2018.

In the second abortion case, Roberts sided with the liberal justices to enjoin Act 620 on an interim basis over the dissent of his conservative colleagues. Act 620 is a new Louisiana pro-life abortion law. The Act requires doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.

In the two death penalty cases, he sided with the criminals who were intellectually challenged and had dementia, respectively.

Currently, an issue that just arose is whether immigrants entering the country illegally are eligible for asylum status. Roberts sided with the left to uphold the lower court’s ruling that blocked the restrictions.

It’s obvious that the flood of illegals at the border claiming asylum status is the work of far-left radicals trying to destroy our asylum system.


The Daily Caller points out that Justice Roberts may simply be voting for an incrementalist approach to these controversial decisions after the “Kavanaugh freak-out.”

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Another theory is he is acting out of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Roberts does appear to not like Trump. He was angry when Trump called out Obama judges and then lashed out at him when he voiced his displeasure. Who is Roberts kidding? Of course, there are Obama judges. Obama picked ACLU judges who believe in legislating from the bench.

Perhaps he merely wants to prove he’s not a Trump judge.

Still, of concern is that Roberts went through marked contortions to make the big government Obamacare bill work. That appears to have been an ideological decision as opposed to a constitutional one.

Perhaps he just wants to be the new Justice Kennedy.

Finally, there is also the possibility he is only looking at each case on its individual merits.

In time we will know. What makes it all so difficult is that the right-wing only wants Justices to decide based on the Constitution, but the left wants Justices who only decide according to their ideology at the moment.

The right-wing is always at a disadvantage.

If Justice Roberts is changing his viewpoint, it would mean the constitutionalists’ edge on the Supreme Court, after decades of having none, is gone. On top of that, more and more Democrats support stacking the court.

We must re-elect Donald Trump if for no other reason than to make sure we don’t lose the court. For all his imperfections, Donald Trump is the only one standing between us and the United Socialist States of America.

Some Trump-hating Republicans are trying to find a primary challenger but they are very foolish. There is no Republican who can win after their weak and ineffective responses to the crises we have faced, especially the one at the border.

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