Justin Trudeau Might Be On His Way Out Over a Major Scandal


It looks like Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won’t survive the latest scandal. He is very damaged.

Canada’s first aboriginal attorney general

Trudeau’s former Attorney General, Jody Wilson-Raybould accused him of a crime basically. She just testified in Parliament, in meticulous detail, how Trudeau and his staff tried to get her to drop criminal charges against a corrupt company that he liked.

She said she refused to bend the law for Trudeau’s cronies, but they kept harassing her, meeting with her ten times and phoning her ten more times to get the charges dropped. Raybould wouldn’t do it so Trudeau fired her as the attorney general and gave her a minor post as veterans minister.

Raybould was bound by attorney privilege and couldn’t leak the story. Trudeau took advantage of her silence and said she supported him. That angered her and she quit her new job.

Trudeau was pressured into reluctantly allowing her to testify to the liberal Parliamentary committee and that’s when it all came out.

It’s against the law to pressure an attorney general to obstruct a criminal prosecution.

Read more at the National Post.

Trudeau is no friend of ours. He trashed the President after agreements were made at the G7 and after the President left the country:

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