Ka-Ching! Castro-Loving Colin Kaepernick Cashes In


Kaepernick in his Castro t-shirt

Castro-loving Colin Kaepernick, the hard-left footballer, who hates the flag, probably made tens of millions of dollars this week. He settled his lawsuit against the NFL, probably for megabucks.

He also wanted $20 million or more a year to play for the new league, the Alliance of American Football. The aging former quarterback would have been nothing but trouble. It’s hard to understand why a league, struggling to make a go of it, would hire this controversial Marxist who essentially protests the flag.

Kaepernick his cops are pigs socks

Neither Kaepernick nor his representatives have acknowledged discussions with the AAF. The AAF had similar talks with other NFL free-agent players, per The Athletic.

The Alliance says its mission is to provide opportunities for players not in the NFL to continue their careers, with a possibility they could entice NFL teams to sign them once the AAF season concludes at the end of April. The league also approached Tim Tebow, who said he wanted to continue pursuing his baseball career. Tebow currently is in the New York Mets’ spring training camp.


Kaepernick is making a lot of money from hating the country. He just settled his suit against the NFL, probably for millions or tens of millions.

NPR reported that the NFL settled his allegations that league teams colluded to deny him a contract after his controversial protests in which he took a knee during the national anthem. They also reached a deal with another kneeler, Carolina Panthers safety and another hard-lefter Eric Reid.

Mark Geragos worked out the secret deal no one can discuss.

Kaepernick and Reid wanted compensation for tens of millions in lost salary, even though Kaepernick left of his own free will and turned down at least one contract.

The settlement was made under a strict confidentiality agreement, but rumors say Kaepernick received $16 or $60 million.

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