Kamala Harris Demands a Clean DACA Bill with No Concessions


California Senator Kamala Harris, dubbed the female Obama, will be a top Democrat contender for president in 2020. She is to the left of Barack Obama and far less concerned about the Constitution which Obama violated numerous times.

Speaking at the University of California-Irvine, the anti-American, Marxist activist demanded a clean DACA bill and said, in all seriousness, “This is about a fight for the future of this country, believing in the values upon which this country was founded.”

The President is willing to work towards keeping them in the country but not without concessions. Kamala Harris demands a “clean bill” with no concessions.

The open borders senator is currently calling for Congress to pass a DACA amnesty bill with no concessions by Democrats. Once that is complete, DAPA can’t be far behind. Also right behind will be the many other exceptions Obama allowed such as: women who say their significant others abused them; people who say they are facing a “significant threat”; people who have been here illegally for a while; LGBT…s who say they are abused; people who seek a better life.

Hearing her claim these are our values is something out of Orwell and completely ignores the rule of law which we were actually founded upon.

Echoing Obama’s flowery and misleading language, she continued, “The path right now is rocky. It is difficult. It is hard.”

The anti-white Harris wants open borders and DACA is the first step. Her hope is to enshrine into law the concept that children here illegally are to be accepted as citizens.

Immigrants in the past were invited in to the Land of Opportunity for the American Dream, but open borders promoters like Harris invite foreigners in for welfare and tell them it is their right to demand it.

Some are coming to bring the gang culture to the United States, the same gang culture Mexico and Central America are struggling to contain. The drug-loving American is a source of wealth for the gangs.

“We are witnessing things that we can only describe as awful and wrong, and mean-spirited. But that’s OK … Because we know this is about doing the right thing. We know this is about all the young people, who were brought here, some before they could walk or talk,” she said, carefully omitting other facts. Many who came were gang members or are highly susceptible to being recruited, some have criminal records, and still others were brought or sent with traffickers – drug cartels.

Some have even brought more dreamy people in illegally. They have been taught breaking the law is okay.

They are taking jobs from Americans, through no fault of their own.

The Democrats want people to believe denying open borders is about race and hate although they know it is about sovereignty and national security. They became open borders advocates when they realized the lawbreakers can influence the political scene now and will eventually become Democrat voters for life.

This is a fight for America and our values. She is the Marxist leading the culture war from California.



  • The main and possibly only reason the loony liberals want open borders and legalization of illegal aliens is to obtain their votes by giving them all the handouts they can possibly get away with. They disguise this motive with theatrical compassion for oppressed people and the big lie that they are fighting for constitutional rights for all people in the USA. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once they gain control of the nation, there will be no more fair elections. The USA will become another Venezuela.

    Pray for your offspring.

  • Harris thinks our country was founded to be invaded and stolen, like a typical Marxist.

    I am anxious to see what Ryan and McConnell do. Their careers are at risk. Ryan’s push for amnesty would lead to his removal. The senate will never pass a bill which has any significant border security measures, so Trump would veto. Trump is now in a position to block the efforts of Congress rather than the opposite. Trump is now in the driver’s seat, also on healthcare.