Kamala Harris Is Trying to Humanize Herself by Gyrating to Cardi B


The Democrats are trying to compete with the blue-collar billionaire Donald Trump, and humanize themselves for the common folk. That will be an uphill battle since they are the elite.

We’ve seen Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke build an igloo and have his teeth cleaned. Then we got to watch Ocommie-Cortez cook and say dumb things at the same time, and she dances too. Kristen Gillibrand has dressed as a lumberjack and given out her cobbler recipe. And who could forget the famous beer bottle opening in the kitchen by Elizabeth Warren who thanked her husband for being there [he lives there]?

Kamala Harris is now treating us to her gyrating/dancing to rapper Cardi B. Cardi B just bashed Trump recently and that’s likely the subtle comment.

Lily Adams, the senator’s communications director, shared the gyrations/dancing clip on Twitter with the caption, “When we get tired of speech prep there’s only one thing to do…”.

See, Kamala is human.

They have to do something to make Kamala likable because she’s not.

Harris is one of Obama’s top choices for President. She is the female Obama, or so the libs say. Oh, and you can see part of their password in the clip.


Awesome! Corrupt ‘Female Obama’ Kamala HarrIs Is Running for President



  1. Who does she have to sleep with to be president? My guess is that she has all ready sold her soul to the devil for a cookie.

  2. Ole Kamaltoe Harris slept her way to the top , as most vile women without a conscience do in government. The psychopath will fit in nicely. Interesting that she is using the morally corrupt city of Baltimore to base her campaign. I worked and lived there for 30 years. We used to call it little chicago….Horrible place.

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