Kamala Harris Promises Ukraine $800 Million in New Funding


Joe Biden promised $225 million and weaponry for Ukraine last week. A few days later Secretary of State Antony Blinken promised $444 million. Biden then promised the G7 that we would back their $50 billion loan to Ukraine. Biden also worked out a bilateral deal to protect Ukraine for ten years. The US is also sending squadrons of F-16s.

That’s not all. Kamala Harris announced $1.5 billion in aid to Ukraine on Friday during the summit in Switzerland, with at least $800 million being new funding for the country. Every time any administration meets with Ukraine President Zelensky, they give away a lot of money that we don’t have.

The funding will include $500 million in new funds for Ukraine’s energy sector and another 300 million to support Ukrainian border guards and law enforcement, as our country has no border enforcement.

Another $324 million in previously announced emergency provisions will be given, along with $379 million for humanitarian assistance.

According to Reuters, Harris met with Zelensky in Lucerne, Switzerland as part of a Ukrainian peace summit. She pledged America’s support for Ukraine, saying, “This war remains an utter failure for Putin,” adding, “It is in our interest to uphold international norms.”

This is while the EU doesn’t pay its fair share.

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