Kamala Harris thinks Democrats aren’t ready for a black woman president


Kamala Harris claims “America” might not be ready to elect a black woman president. Since this is the primary she is talking about, she’s talking about Democrats.

To most, it seems Democrats like to vote for people according to their category — race, gender, who they sleep with, and so on — not against. Her race and gender should help her.

Kamala needs to take ownership of her failures, and not blame the Democrats. She fell down after the first debate and hasn’t gotten back up. Ms. Harris did not have honest answers for Tulsi Gabbard. She also has a poor history with regard to criminal justice for Black Americans. Many support tough on crime policies but she was tougher on Blacks according to the stats, putting them away for some petty crimes.

If she had been honest about it, things would have been different, but she acts as if her record doesn’t exist.

In a New Hampshire poll of likely voters out today, Harris is at 3%. She was at 9% in July. Harris was behind Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang, and Amy Klobuchar who are at 5%. She is sinking fast.

Watch her discuss the issue:

There are other issues. She voiced some very extreme beliefs which do not even match her record. So, what does she stand for?

Her pettiness after the takedown of Baghdadi might not fly with Americans and bring those numbers down more.

Kamala was on NBC’s “Late Night,” berating President Donald Trump for his “extraordinary” press conference announcing the success of the mission, saying he acted like he was commenting on a video game.

She added that he proved that he “does not fully appreciate the importance of the job.”

The President took on a very intense and potentially explosive mission. He does understand.

Maybe some people like to hear her say things like this, but a lot don’t.



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