Kamala Harris Wants to Be Your President! She Thinks ICE Is the KKK


Kamala Harris compared ICE to the KKK during a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing to consider the nomination of Ronald Vitiello to be the new director of ICE. He has been serving as the Acting Director.

Vitiello had once referred to the Democratic Party as “liberalcratic” or “NeoKlanist” and Kamala brought that up to humiliate him.

He explained it was wrong to make those comments and he was sorry he offended people. He wasn’t referring to the KKK, he explained. Kamala didn’t care since she was leading up to something quite different. The presidential hopeful wanted to make a comparison between ICE and the KKK.


She asked the veteran Border Patrol agent why it was wrong.

“The Klan was what we could call today a domestic terrorist group,” said Vitiello.

“Why?” Harris asked. “Why would we call them a domestic terrorist group?”

“Because they tried to use fear and force to change the political environment,” Vitiello responded.

“And what was the motivation for the use of fear and force?” Harris continued.

“It was based on race and ethnicity, ” Vitiello responded.

“Right,” Harris snapped back. “And are you aware of the perception of many about how the power and discretion at ICE is being used to enforce the law and do you see any parallels?”

“I do not see any parallels between sworn officers and agents…” Vitiello responded as she interrupted.

“I’m talking about perception,” Harris fired back.

“I do not see a parallel between what is constitutionally mandated as it related to enforcing the law,” Vitiello said.

Harris continued to interrupt him. It’s just who she is — a nasty person who attacks Republicans — but it’s how she plans to work her way to the presidency in 2020.

Harris doesn’t know or care that half of the Border Patrol agents are also Hispanic or Latino, making her comments all the more ridiculous.

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5 years ago

Arrogant, patronizing, condescending, and does not care that comments like hers endanger ICE agents and their families.