Kamala Harris Wants Us to Pay for Raises for All Public School Teachers


Kamala Harris wants taxpayers to pay for housing for people making under $100,000 a year, she wants reparations, free college, cost doesn’t matter with the Green New Deal, semi-automatics have got to go, she wants Medicare For All, free childcare, free family leave, amnesty for DACA and DAPA, and open borders/no border wall.

Now she’s calling for the largest federal investment (taxes) in teacher pay in U.S. history, for a cause her deep-pocketed leftist constituency just loves.

The California senator planned to tell Texas Southern University College Democrats in Houston that she’d seek to fully close the pay gap for public school teachers in her first term as president, according to a campaign aide.

Harris’s campaign cited a study by the progressive-leaning Economic Policy Institute that found that elementary, middle, and secondary public school teachers earn 11.1 percent less than similar college graduates, even after accounting for benefits, according to 2017 data.

This is insanity. Only 53 percent pay federal taxes and the big government leftist kook wants us to pay for the Green New Deal, free everything, and all teachers’ salaries.

Rush Limbaugh recently warned that Harris could be incredibly “dangerous” given both her radical ideas and the identity boxes she checks.

“Hillary Clinton looked like a rank amateur old maid compared to Kamala Harris … I’m just telling you, she could be very dangerous. She punches a lot of buttons for the left. She checks off a lot of boxes: Female, African-American, identity politics extraordinaire,” he said.

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