Kamala Lies About Her Support for One of the Child Deportation Policies


Kamala Harris is not an honest person and she slept her way to the top. Her favorite tactic is to blow with the wind.

Even Politifact didn’t try to defend Kamala Harris’s latest deceit about her record of defending illegal alien children. While on the campaign trail, she attempted to rewrite history. Kamala, a descendant of brutal slave owners, is lying about her support for reporting criminal illegal alien children to ICE.

This post isn’t a comment on the policy, only on her lying.

In 2008, while serving as San Francisco’s District Attorney, she supported a policy that reported undocumented youth to federal immigration officials upon their arrest by local police. It did not take into account whether the youth were actually found guilty of a crime [however, they were here illegally].

Speaking on an Iowa politics podcast on Sunday, the ‘female Obama’, said that was an “unintended consequence.” That’s not true, it was the direct and intended result of the policy.

Angela Chan, a San Francisco immigration attorney who opposed the mayor’s policy, told PolitiFact California this week in an email that referring youth to ICE “wasn’t an unintended consequence, it was the purpose of this troubling policy.”

Chan said her legal efforts blocked the deportation of a 13-year-old she represented who was nearly deported for punching a classmate and stealing 46 cents. [maybe he should have been deported, we don’t know. But it’s not the policy we are qualified to comment on, it’s Kamala’s deception.]

Harris didn’t lead the charge on the new strategy, Chan added, but was “a tacit supporter.” Harris has subsequently said the policy “could have been applied more fairly.”

The presidential hopeful speaks from both sides of her mouth:


Obama Separated 72,000 Parents from Their Children by 2014

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

She continuously rewrites her history, a moving belief system based on winning by any means necessary.