Kanye to Meet with Trump for Jobs for Ex-Cons, Manufacturing in Chicago

Kanye met with President Trump prior to the election.

Kanye West will meet Donald Trump at the White House on Thursday to discuss manufacturing jobs in Chicago and opportunities for ex-cons.

The rapper has faced intense criticism for his public support of the president, including being bashed by SNL, whose so-called comics mocked his illness — bipolar disease.

He will meet Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner before having lunch with the president, according to the NY Times.

A representative for West confirmed to the Times that the meeting was set to take place.

SNL was angry with West for wearing a Make America Great Again hat and for a speech he made after the show in support of the President.

Kanye’s wife has visited with Trump twice and secured the release of Anne Marie Johnson, an elderly woman who served more than 22 years in prison for serving as an intermediary in a drug cartel.


Despite the backlash, Kanye has shown he has the courage of his convictions. He sees a President who wants to help blacks.

Kanye wants manufacturing jobs in Chicago and jobs for ex-cons. So does President Trump.

While President Trump has brought black unemployment to an historic low, he is ridiculed for supporting him, but Taylor Swift is praised by the left for supporting the so-called moderate Democrat in Tennessee.