Kanye West Says, “I Love Donald Trump”, “I Love Donald Trump”


If you don’t agree with the far-left, you are far-right according to the Democrats, media and other leftists. Some will even call you KKK or a Nazi (they are socialists and left-wing but that doesn’t matter to them).

Kanye West this week tweeted support for the communications director of Turning Point USA Candace Owens and as a result, he is being called far-right.

It got more intense on Monday when he told Ebro he loves Trump.

“He said ‘I do love Donald Trump,'” told Hot 97’s Ebro on Monday Kanye West said, ‘I love Donald Trump . . . I love Donald Trump.'” Ebro added that he pushed back against West’s comments, criticizing him for “living in a bubble in Calabasas” and being out of touch with everyday people.

Ebro’s a bit out of touch with half of America. It’s not only Ebro. Kanye’s taking a lot of abuse today.

Kanye is tweeting Dilbert cartoons and not about to take back any of this any time soon.

Kanye tweeted about Candace Owens, “I love the way Candace Owens thinks”.

Candace tweeted in response:

Scott Adams responded in a video and Kanye retweeted much of what he said in short clips. Here are a couple of a series of his tweets:

GOT TO 06:54:


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