Kari Lake Holds a Save Arizona Rally the MSM Ignores


Kari Lake Holds a Save Arizona Rally the MSM Ignores


By Mark Schwendau


Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake hosted a Save Arizona rally in Scottsdale, Arizona Sunday, January 29th, 2023. The rally was held ahead of a crunch court date in an attempt to rally Arizonians by offering her most convincing proof to date that Democrats and RINO Republicans of Arizona stole the November election, or as some call them, “The Uniparty.”

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Katie Hobbs claimed victory in the 2022 race and was sworn in as Arizona’s 24th governor with a mere 17,000 vote difference. Hobbs, who was previously the Secretary of State, has held the new position since being sworn in on 2nd January, but Lake is working to both expose the crimes of the election as well as have an election do-over.

The event took place at 6:00 p.m. at the Orange Tree Golf Club in Scottsdale, part of the Phoenix metro area. The venue was only 5,000 square feet so only several hundred could attend, but many more waited outside. Lake has almost 50,000 followers on her Rumble video channel. The crowd gathered for Lake went crazy with enthusiasm when she took the stage to the song “We’re Not Going to Take It!” by Twisted Sister.

Lake got right down to business shortly after, stating:

“What a wild ride we have been on this last couple of months, a ride I would have preferred not to be on; how about you? But hey, here we are.  But wait, hold on… Oh my!”

An aid then comes to the state holding a cell phone and saying something off mic.

“Are you serious?! President Trump just called in, guys. WOW! Okay… Hold up, guys. We have the President on the phone. President Trump, you are not going to believe this crowd. Everyone in Arizona cares about election integrity, and tell them hello.”

President Trump is then heard on a cell phone saying:

“Well, hello, everybody, and it sounds like an unbelievable crowd. I wish I was there with you because Kari is a fantastic person. It’s a shame what happened. They had the machines, quote, broken; okay, a lot of these Republican area machines were broken. It’s a disgrace, and ultimately, she’s going to be victorious, but I just want to thank everybody for being here. We love you all.”

Save Arizona Rally featuring Kari Lake

Lake then signed off with President Trump saying, “I have a speech to deliver.”

President Trump then said, “Thank you very much, everybody.  Thank you.”

Lake wasted no time in going on the attack.

“Welcome to a real political rally! You are not going to find this with Katie Hobbs.  She is probably curled up on the sofa in the fetal position, knowing that she is a fraud.

“So many of you in this room have been with us through it all, through before we started, before 525 days on the campaign trail… I see people waving. We were people who showed up. We knocked on doors. We volunteered. We made phone calls. We had fundraisers at our homes. I appreciate each and every single one of you for what you did for me and for our movement. This movement is so strong.

“This past election in Arizona, despite what these people of the media say, we had the greatest candidates in the country right here in Arizona… exceptional candidates with incredible support from us, the people. We had policies that would make our state great. Solve our problems. Make our border secure. Our streets are safer and make each and every Arizonian, no matter what political affiliation they are, more prosperous.

“And think about this. We were running against some of the very worst candidates in the history of America! I mean… they were… if you can call them candidates… Don’t you have to actually go out to (campaign too) be a candidate? What we witnessed on November 8th, we now know why they could put out these horrible candidates because it didn’t matter if they rolled out braindead candidates. It didn’t matter if they rolled out people who could not communicate… It didn’t matter. They didn’t give a hoot about candidate quality, and they keep rolling out bad candidates. Have you seen the latest one they are rolling out? The guy’s name is Ruben Giago.

“We call him the AOC of Arizona, and that may actually be an insult to AOC! I mean, he’s a man with bangs. He’s a self-admitted socialist. And I just read an article that, much like Katie Hobbs, he is known in the black community as a racist; as a matter of fact, his only black staffer quit because of that. And he is the reason why the Democrat Party is marching very quickly toward communism. There is a reason why we call him AOC, guys. I just saw a brutal TV interview with one of these guys (points to the back of the room where the MSM is gathered); they gave him softball questions, and he, much like Hobbs and Fetterman (Pennsylvania), could not string three or four or five words together and make a coherent sentence.

“This is what the Democrats are giving us and trying to tell us this is what America wants. We did not just fall off the turnip truck. We know that’s a line of BS. Americans don’t want that.”

The mainstream news media and Big Tech giants like YouTube have worked overtime in bias against Kari Lake, but this fails to reveal the truth about what is really going on. YouTube allows content that has Kari Lake as a loser but fails to allow content that shows her court battle is part of a drawn-out legal process, and her evidence is both damning and irrefutable.

This is what the judge said after an attorney for Hobbs tried to rapidly push a hearing along, arrogantly claiming the judge would dismiss the case against Hobbs by Lake for having no merit:

“You have done pretty well up until now in staying away from advocacy. We have basically tried to antiseptically analyze where we are. I’d like to stick with that.” After the hearing, the judge set dates of December 21st and 22nd.

After that, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson dismissed Lake’s allegations of election misconduct after she filed a civil lawsuit against Hobbs and several other local election officials. Thompson said, “Every single witness before the court has denied any personal knowledge of any such wrongdoing. The court cannot accept speculation or conjecture in place of clear and convincing evidence.” The problem with this judge and what he had to say was only a very few voters coming forward as witnesses were allowed to testify out of the hundreds who filed complaints.

But in fairness to Judge Thompson, because of our legal system and different court divisions, he may not have been able to see all the evidence Lake produced at her Sunday rally, which was pretty damning for Hobbs, her fellow Democrats, and Arizona RINOs guilty of aiding and abetting in a crime.

Lake reported a bipartisan, independent poll that has now offered 72% of all people of Arizona think the election was stolen.

Lake showed four ballot samples on a big screen of 40,000 ballots that showed bad mail-in ballot signatures that should never have been counted as the signatures were fraudulent. Lake has had three whistleblowers come forward to attest that all of these ballots set aside one day, not to be counted, had been put through the system and counted by the next morning.

Lake accused officials of Maricopa County of sabotaging the election as they could not process enough bogus ballots to stop Lake’s landslide. They printed bogus ballots on Election Day that were only 19 inches rather than the required 20 inches for the machines to read. The tabulators jammed and rejected them all day long, prohibiting many people from voting at all.

“These clowns trampled on our sacred right to vote. And now we know that (Stephen) Richer and (Bill) Gates lied and downplayed what happened on this day. This ‘hiccup’ occurred in at least 59% of voting locations,” Lake said.

The term “hiccup” had been a term RINO Republicans Richer and Gates used to explain away all the voting irregularities and problems in Maricopa County on Election Day. Lake has now proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, this was an orchestrated and planned attack on her (and others) getting elected to office.

The first thing that was truly stunning was Lake showed a map overlay that appeared to prove election theft. The first map showed the Republican areas of Maricopa County in red, the most populated county of Arizona, with some 90% of all residents of the state. The second map showed markers in Maricopa County where voting machines either malfunctioned (open markers) or were completely inoperable (filled markers) despite all these voting locations functioning perfectly the previous day.

Then Lake says, “Now let’s just for the fun of it, for grins and giggles, let’s overlay those two maps real quick.”

See the picture in this article from her Sunday rally.

Audible gasps and groans are heard from the audience.

Lake has refused to accept the election outcome, much like former President Trump. She is now alleging the printing issues with the voting machines in Maricopa County led to “disenfranchised” voters. She then went on to organize Save Arizona rallies in hopes of overturning the election results. Lake has seemingly taken a page from former President Donald Trump in conducting these rallies around Arizona.

Lake said just last week that her attorneys are poised to take the next steps in her election misconduct lawsuit “all the way” to the Arizona Supreme Court. They may also ask for a new trial in the two lower courts where, for some odd reason, the judge only took into consideration only two of her original ten counts of misconduct.  Such a new trial would then allow her to present all ten counts.

Lake has appeared on such national broadcasts as Louder with Crowder and the Mike Huckabee show. Her rallies are streamed on Right Side Broadcasting.

One last highlight of this rally was when Lake addressed Hobbs directly, “I got a message for that twice-convicted racist Katie Hobbs who is currently a squatter in the Governor’s office, ‘Don’t get too comfortable, sweetie!’”

The crowd in attendance went nuts!

While the Internet’s fake checkers are feverishly working overtime to dismiss Kari Lake while protecting Katie Hobbs, Lake’s reference about Hobbs, which was dismissed by the fake checkers, was found in this Talonya Adams’ September 25th Tweet on the Internet:

Dear #Arizonans:

I know @SecretaryHobbs. IDK @KariLake @KatieHobbs & Co have extended offers (and pressure) promising nearly anything under the sun, in exchange for my silence, support, endorsement, … etc. @KariLake & Co have neither offered nor promised me anything. #AZGov


Copyright © 2022 by Mark S. Schwendau


Mark S. Schwendau is a retired technology professor who has always had a sideline in news-editorial writing where his byline has been, “Bringing little known news to people who simply want to know the truth.”  He classifies himself as a Christian conservative who God cast to be a realist.  Mark is an award-winning educator who has published seven books and numerous peer-reviewed trade journal articles, some of which can be found on the Internet.  His father was a fireman/paramedic, while his mother was a registered nurse.  He holds multiple degrees in technology education, industrial management, OSHA Safety, and Driver’s Education.  His personal website is www.IDrawIWrite.Tech.

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