Karzai Wants a Better Deal


The US State Department and Susan Rice are urging Hamid Karzai to sign the status of forces agreement he already agreed to. It would allow about 8,000 American troops to stay in the country beyond a 2014 withdrawal deadline. Karzai is insisting we meet new demands, most of which the US has agreed to.

One of the latest demands is the release of 20 Afghan terrorists in GITMO. It’s ironic that he would make a demand the US didn’t make of Iranians as part of the Iranian nuclear deal. We abandoned Pastor Abedini. We also released 5 Taliban terrorists from GTIMO without the release of Beau Bergdahl. Dr. Afridi remains in a Pakistani prison and we are still sending them more than $1.5 billion a year in aid.

Mr. Obama wants GITMO emptied out and Karzai’s request might very well be answered in the affirmative. Even if Karzai agrees to imprison them in Afghanistan, they won’t be imprisoned long. Their prisons are made of paper.

The deal we have already agreed to provides Afghanistan’s security forces with more than $8 billion a year. Iran got at least $9 billion in their deal.

In addition, Karzai is revisiting the issue of raids and the guarantee of a free election.


Photo of Hamid Karzai

Raids will only be conducted under “extraordinary circumstances” involving urgent risks to U.S. nationals. With regard to the elections, I don’t doubt they will have a better guarantee from our government than we get here at home. At home, they want to eliminate photo ID’s and most other forms of proof.

Karzai might be responding to the deal Iran got and hoping he will do better. He is claiming he won’t sign the agreement and will leave it to his successor  who will be installed after the April elections.

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