Kasich Finally Shows His True Colors & He’s With Her


Governor Kasich showed his true colors in a tweet, fully rejecting the President’s agenda. Kasich is a globalist and he’s with Hillary. He is opposed to Trump’s concept of America First because he wants to have his Kumbaya moment in history with the leftists of the world.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) criticized President Trump over his rebuke of “globalism” during remarks at the United Nations, while stealing a slogan from Trump’s 2016 Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Kasich warned Trump that his policy of “America First” could result in “America Alone.” He added that the U.S. and other nations are “Stronger Together,” a nod to Clinton’s campaign slogan.

Forget sovereignty, forget borders, and let’s lead from behind. If anyone ever doubted Kasich’s loyalties lie with the left, doubt no more.

He added in his tweet that the U.S. and other nations are “Stronger Together,” a big fat French kiss to Clinton’s campaign slogan.

“America First should not be America Alone. Working with allies does not mean being subordinate to them. We are stronger together. #UNGA,” the Ohio governor tweeted hours after Trump’s speech on Tuesday.

Trump told members of the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday that his administration “reject[s] the ideology of globalism and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism.”

The President never said he wanted to go it alone and it’s a far cry from becoming one with statists throughout the world.

It’s sad but this guy wants us to become one with the communist/socialist thugs of the world. That is where we are headed.



    • It’s because we are all too stupid, Kasich has no doubt about that. He is themost narcissistic person you will ever run into.
      I followed him during the last election and he had no idea people were angry even.

    • WE hope the Liberals keep up their hate for our President Trump… it will solidify their Blue Wave in November, but it will be a blue wave of their tears as they cry all night from a loss at the polls the MSM promised they would win, again.

    • Kasich is a “Money-Hungry Politico from McKees Rocks, Pa.(born there) then moved onto Ohio, where he could Pretend NOT to be a dumb honkey from Pa.” He is NOT well received, as he is ONLY in all this bashing, because he Thinks someone will like HIM, if he continues to bash Trump….But the Millions who Love our President is because HE IS GETTING THINGS DONE, THAT HE PROMISED AND THE “USUAL,

      Kasich and ALL THE OTHER RINO’s are just Jealous of President Trump and what He accomplished in less than two years….EVEN Obama is bashing him….Jealous Much? They sure ARE!!!!

    • “I thought the people in Ohio were smarter than that”. Nope. Same goes for Wisconsin voters who voted for Paul RINO, and Arizona voters who kept voting for McCain in spite of years proving what a traitorous phony he was. Brain dead Republican voters are as much a threat and as worthless as any Democrat voter.

      • Unfortunately, that is exactly correct. Just as one example: the brain dead Veterans in Arizona who thought McCain “was one of them” because he served; and even though he proved year after year that he had nothing but contempt for them (privately), they kept re-electing. Same with Kasich, Ryan, Hatch, McConnell, etc., all of them are nothing but a cadre of globalist, RINO frauds but they never revealed themselves while campaigning and the idiot voters never paid attention to how they voted. IF they had paid attention, most of these frauds would have been out after their first terms.

  1. Every time Kasich comes to mind, I cant get that image of him eating pancakes at some diner or establishment during the 2016 primary, and reporters all around him in a barrage of questions. He was stuffing his mouth like a greedy squirrel! Both cheeks full of food and he was shoveling it in like he hadn’t had a meal in days.

    Of course Trump was ripping him good…”small bites John, small bites” he said.

    I’ve always liked Kasich, but like a lot of RINO’s, he has been exposed due to his Trump Derangement Syndrome as the RINO he is. Trump is crass and a vulgarian, I get that and I dont like it either, but gentlemanly decorum hasn’t gotten it done for decades. Trump is getting it done…I can hold my nose and tolerate the idiotic Tweets and his lack of eloquence because its about time we had a president that is looking out for Americans…ALL Americans, not just everyone except white males.

  2. Red;
    I could somewhat understand some who ‘complain’ of Trump’s style or other matters. But,, I’ve never heard the same complainers, as Kasich and many others, be outspoken about the culture all around.

    I haven’t watched TV in decades just because of the literal trash on there, And from what I gather and hear it has gotten much worse. Many of those who complain will continue to support the a culture much worse than Trump, by going to the movies, which is actually Rewarding it. They will speak favorably about some of the adult cartoons that still plague the society, thinking they are funny.

    As an example my son once said he liked the Simpson’s. I mentioned to him how it was teaching children to be utterly disrespectful to the parents. After a minute of pondering he agreed.

    And what is the answer to these issues by the sanctimonious; We don’t support any “boycotts”. Well, they are ‘contributors’ to the society we are today, and I, for one, do not participate in furthering any such decline. But I am only one person and there seems to be few others.

  3. Don’t know what happened to this guy in politics. He was not always this way. I suspect the answer lies in finding out what changes MANY in government service to change from principled leaders to numb followers.Kasich lost it two years ago and is DONE.

    Did you know his father was a mail carrier?

  4. Seriously? He is the definition of establishment Republican. He’s exactly the type of Republican I would never vote for even with no other choice. I’ll just skip the vote when he, and his like, are on the ballot. It’s not worth my soul to vote for him.

  5. Oh, and let’s NOT forget how he attacked a police officer who stopped him for a traffic violation. He was making some speech and went on and on with lies about the incident. The video conclusively Proved him to be a liar. He probably forgot about the Dashcam and audio recording.

  6. “We believe, that when nations respect the rights of their neighbors and defend the interests of their people,” President Trump said to the UN General Assembly, “they can better work together to secure the blessings of safety, prosperity, and peace.”

    Working “together to secure the blessings of safety, prosperity, and peace” is “going it alone” to a globalist like Kasich.

  7. When you stop taking my money and doing what you want with it you can globalize all you want ! Till Then You Do What We Want ! That’s That

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