Kasich Makes an Astounding Statement After Trump Crushes Him in New York



John Kasich still insists that he is going to win the nomination for the Republican primary. He told the reporter in the video below that there’s no ‘if’, it’s ‘when’ he wins the convention even though he won one state. Quite a statement.

As if that isn’t bizarre enough, in a strange moment, he grabbed the reporter’s recorder after he asked him if he was going to win having picked up only one state.



  1. Go home John , you tried your best . We the people have spoke and sorry to say , we aren’t going to pick you . Nice guy from what I’ve seen , however the U.S.A. needs someone like Trump at the wheel . If your waiting in hopes of the party to pick , an this is the case your not a nice guy your an a$$hole and just as F*cked up as they are trying to over turn the voice of the people !!!!!

  2. The only way Kasich can win is if the fix is in place by the Republican Party when they have their convention. If this were to really take place, people will leave this party for good and we then will have a real party for the people, by the people that really love this country. We will not be a party of bottom feeders with their hands out wanting their free shit. It is pass time for these low life people to get a job and pay their own way. Obama took over a country on the slide and made it a total disaster and actually encouraged people not to work, sign up for medicare, food stamps and free housing just like a third world country. To top that off, he has the balls to ask for a raise. HE HAS BEEN WELL OVER PAID JUST IN VACATIONS ALONE.
    What he should do is give back at least half of his salary. His golfing days alone accounted for one year of his time in office, on top of that his golf game is still not worth a crap.

  3. It’s time to throw in the towel and stop wasting our time and soros’s money he will need it for Hillary to try and beat Trump. Shouldn’t have
    Jumped on the trans pacific partnership TTP
    AND TOOK GEORGE SOROS’S YOU MAY HAVE BEEN A POSSIBILITY FOR VP. Turn the lights out when you leave think green. Lol.

  4. You have to be kidding….biggest Traitor of ALL! Cannot WIN, STAYING TO TAKE ELECTION AWAY FROM TRUMP AND THE PEOPLE! Ohio was a FRAUD………………….NOT THAT MANY STUPID AMERICANS IN ONE PLACE! Trump2016

  5. Give it up,you are NOT going to win. The people have spoken even when the rigged states went with Lyin’ Ted.They have showed their outrage at the injustice they were handed. WE WANT TRUMP!!!!

  6. Trump needs to make a deal with Amnasty Rubio (not) or DC Madam NWO Cruz (not) …. One state KaShat is a loser…. ummm how about Carson VP, he can fix ObamaScare.. 4 years OJT and then top job…

    • We do not want creepy, Sneaky, lying Ted Cruz near Trump, he said he would like to Runover Trump I with his Car! This man is Evil! See The MarshallReportwordpress.com. CRUZ CAMP WHISTLE BLOWER EXPOSES “EVIL” CAMPAIGN TACTICS!! He has Sealed all of his Records including his Birth Records!!

  7. Every time I see him being interviewed, I come away from it with the same thought: what do you think you’re doing??? Mr. Kasick seems like a really nice guy and seems to have done several good things for his state of Ohio; however, he doesn’t have a chance in hell of overcoming Trump, or even Cruz. He needs to drop out and appreciate the adventure he’s experienced so far. Cruz comes across as slimy, sleazy and creepy. On the “Trust Meter”, I just can’t give him more than a ‘2’ out of 10. He lies about things he’s done and all the corruption that seems to dog his campaign. Hillary is under federal investigation for criminal activity, plus she’s a liar. Lying directly to the families of those killed in Bhengazi should give everyone a reason not to vote for her. Sanders would bankrupt this country in a heartbeat if he was elected, so that just leaves us with Trump. He at least wants to build up our military, close our borders and get America on track. Can’t say that about the rest of them.

  8. If you love your precious state of Ohio you had best quit the campaign now or your going to have a whole lot of blood to wash out of the convention center and the streets outside. I would even expect your police force to reload out weapons and shoot some also.

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