Kasich Stuns on Trump’s Foreign Policy with These Five Words!



John Kasich, the going-nowhere GOP candidate, was asked about Trump’s ‘ridiculous’ foreign policy as Kasich defines it by Chuck Todd and he answered with these five words: “My dad was a mailman.” He said nothing of any import but did you know his dad was a mailman?

TODD: “You called his campaign — his foreign policy ridiculous, his rhetoric incendiary. I can’t imagine you ever supporting somebody you thought was incendiary or ridiculous. So how do you –“

KASICH: “Here’s the thing, here’s the thing. I am a Republican, okay? We are all in the arena, there’s only three of us left. But anybody who got in the arena — I mean, it’s not easy running for president, I can tell you. I mean, it’s great. My dad was a mailman, I’m sitting here with Chuck Todd in queens, okay? It’s fantastic, okay? But trump’s in the arena with me and sometimes it’s a roller coaster, is the way I see him. Sometimes he calms down. The last debate we had was very calm. And then these crazy things start happening. It’s not just him, but look at Cruz, saying we should patrol Muslim neighborhoods. This is very disturbing to me, because it pulls the country apart. But I was thinking about this today, actually driving over here. So I have two 16-year-old twin daughters. And whatever I say, who — if he happened to be the nominee, I would have to tell them why I would endorsed him if I did.

If he wants to criticize Donald Trump, he needs to say something of more substance.


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