Kasich’s Left-Wing Response to the Brussels Terror Attack in Seven Words.



“We are not at war with Islam.”

~ John Kasich, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders

People are concerned that Donald Trump is a liberal but he’s far more conservative than John Kasich in almost every area. The latest is Kasich’s stance on the terror attack in Brussels. The left is lauding him for it and claims the criticisms are coming only from Republican xenophobes.

Trump wants to stop The influx of Muslim refugees until we can vet them and we know what is going on and Cruz wants to ban those we can’t vet.

Kasich doesn’t want to do anything different from what Barack Obama has done. He said in a statement:

“We are not at war with Islam,” he declared, clarifying that we are “at war with radical Islam.”

He cautioned against monitoring Muslim-Americans after the attacks in Brussels, saying that such a step would create division and harm the country’s ability to gather intelligence.

“In our country,” he said, “we don’t want to create divisions where we say, ‘O.K., well your religion, you’re a Muslim, so therefore we’re going to keep an eye on you.’” He added that “the last thing we need is more polarization.”

This is he’s going to deal with terrorism?

No one thinks we are at war with normal Muslims but surveillance of radical mosques and tight Muslim communities makes sense. Not allowing Islamists in from terror countries when we can’t vet them makes sense. As Trump said, the Swedes aren’t the ones blowing us up.

Kasich has bought the argument of the leftists in this as in all things. Kasich’s Medicaid expansion has cost taxpayers $7 billion dollars in two years. He has in the past supported gun control, loves Common Core, supports amnesty, and speaks the language of the left in most things. He’s a weak fence sitter who would even consider the leftists’ choices for SCOTUS. He’s not even a RINO. He’s a Democrat who received almost $600,000 in campaign donations from George Soros money men. He’s also a liar who acts the spoiler while pretending he thinks he can win fairly. Yesterday I got an email from him asking for $25 dollars because the polls showed he was going to win Utah.

Even in a three-way race, he came in fourth and lost to Marco Rubio’s ghost in Arizona.

kasich loses to rubio's ghost

He failed miserably in Utah as well. I hope you didn’t waste $25 donating to him.



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