Katherine Tsarnaev Asserts Innocence, Tamerlan Body Not Buried – Update


typical 800 sq ft apartment

Update: 5/6/13: In addition to at least one phone call from Katherine Tsarnaev to Tamerlan after his photo was released by the FBI, an email was sent from her computer which included an attachment. The attachment were FBI photos.


Original Story: 5/4/13: Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s burqa-clad wife has not spoken to the press but, through law enforcement sources, we have been told she claims to have no knowledge of Tamerlan’s activities.

The circumstantial evidence pointing to her being involved is compelling.

Radical Islamist material and Inspire magazine – an al Qaeda magazine – were found on her computer, though it is not known who used the computer.

She called Tamerlan immediately after his photo was released to the public. A CBS reporter quoted authorities as saying “the nature of the call” is of particular interest. Depending on the phone she used, the conversation might be recoverable.

There was bomb residue found in the bathtub, kitchen table, and  kitchen sink in the 800 sq. ft. apartment he shared with his wife and child.  It is believed that the apartment was set up as a mini bomb making factory. In the least, bombs were stored there. There was evidence of four types of bombs in the apartment. [wptv]

Mrs. Tsarnaev worked long days, seven days a week but it is hard to imagine her not noticing anything but it is possible. A mini bomb factory in a tiny apartment is hard to conceal. She should have wondered what was happening to her pressure cookers.

Large explosions were heard in the area over the last several months which could indicate that they were testing the bombs. On Friday, law enforcement combed the woods adjacent to Dzhorkhar’s school looking for evidence, possibly a test site.

Dzhorkhar allegedly claimed they built the bombs in three or four days which is highly unlikely due to the sophistication of the weapons.

Meanwhile, cemeteries in four states, including Connecticut, have turned down the Tamerlan burial according to the funeral director who is in possession of Tamerlan’s body. He said he had offers from people to pay for Tamerlan’s burial and they are being turned down because he is, after all, a terrorist.

The family has said they will not bury Tamerlan until an independent autopsy is conducted but that has not taken place.

The death certificate cites the cause of death as gunshot wounds and blunt force trauma to the head and torso. To be more specific, he died from gunshots and his brother running over him with a car.


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