Kathy Griffin DEMANDS Catholic MAGA Boys Be DOXXED, Blames Trump


Kathy Griffin in her natural state

Does everyone remember how everyone on the right was told they could say nothing against the far-left student who claimed victimhood in Parkland? We weren’t allowed to criticize David Hogg as he called innocent NRA members “murderers.” It doesn’t work in reverse for the left, even when the targets are INNOCENT.

Along come the teens from the Covington Catholic High School and all that is out the window. They are vilified unfairly in the press and by fools like Kathy Griffin, the aging unfunny comic.

For thos unfamiliar with the situation, the truth has come to light and the boys are innocent. You can read the background below if you are unfamiliar with the situation.


Kathy Griffin is an evil, hatemongering clown who thinks insulting and destroying people she disagrees with is a legitimate way to gain popularity. Without investigating, and taking everything at face value, she has tried to destroy the reputation of a school and minor boys, she doesn’t even know.

Griffin called for them to be DOXXED. She is retweeting those who mock the school which she says is pathetic and impotent. The loser wants the names of the kids so she can SHAME them. And, of course, as is customary for her, she calls these minors ‘F*CKERS.”

She says it’s Trump’s fault

Then she says it’s all President Trump’s fault. The boys dared to wear MAGA hats.

Know-nothing Griffin said Trump is “unleashing explicit racism and bigotry into America’s body politic,” adding, “America was literally built upon violence against indigenous peoples.”

Griffin must subscribe to the Communist Zinn history taught in schools today. Not to justify legitimate wrongs, but indigenous people gave as good as they got. America was built on the hard work, rugged individualism, and the firm belief in God and Christian principles of the settlers. Yes, there was bad, but mostly greatness.

Getting back to Griffin, she is an evil woman who rolls around in her newly-found fame built on anger and hate. One day, she will consider what she has done, and it won’t be good for her.

The kids didn’t know he was a veteran. They didn’t even know what was going on. They thought it was a cultural display.

The school said they would investigate and the kid could face suspension and expulsion. Griffin wants him expelled without investigation.

The racism comes from Griffin who continuously insults white people, old, white men, religious people, America, and now Catholics.

She retweeted this:


One caveat I would say here is more could come out, but so far the evidence proves these boys are innocent.

The boys in MAGA hats in D.C. were innocent of insulting the Native-American drummer, and every accusation is dealt with here and here. What the superficial media took to be a smirk on one boy’s face was not a smirk at all. He and the other boys were calling out cheers while waiting for the bus and didn’t understand what was going on. They thought Nathan Phillips, the Native-American separatist, was beating the drum to their cheers in a friendly way, so they continued only to find out they were being used for a political stunt.

Nathan Phillips, the radical leftist, walked into the crowd of boys and started banging the drum inches from the ‘smirking’ boys’ face for several long minutes when a black hate group joined in, threatening the boys. Other adult leftists in the background also screamed out in a very unfriendly way.

Read one boy’s description on this link and if you click the links above, you will find explanations and videos proving their innocence in our estimation. This was a ploy for publicity by radical leftists.



    • By the looks of her picture, she also has a problem with her make-up artist. Maybe she should consult a taxidermist.

    • What a hit piece designed only to foment a specific opinion. No objectivity. No one said opposing people couldn’t say anything against David Hogg, either. What they did do is try to assassinate his character rather than engage the issue honestly. Griffin is a private citizen expressing a view many others hold. This article is about character assassination, too. Really! Posting a picture of her without makeup. Give it a rest. She’s a 58 year old woman. What did you think she would look like without makeup? If you look at the entire segment in context someone with an open mind could see where these young people were being disrespectful with their, “build that wall” chant. The students deny they said it but it’s on video. Whether people admit it or not, the MAGA hats have become an overt racist statement. This is based on at least 10% of Trump’s base being vocal white supremacists.

      • What video did you watch? Almost 2 hours and no ‘build the wall’ chant can be heard from these boys. And I know a group who was at that march. The one group was going after everyone….. and Phillips is a Native American, however he started his side of it. He went after kids! Or does that escape you because of what they were wearing on their heads?

  1. The truth of what happened is very different from the lies reported in the fake media, and I hope the falsely accused boys sue those responsible for the slander and libel that has harmed them. An attorney reportedly expressed an interest in representing the MAGA boys pro bono—without cost—should they decide to sue the lying perpetrators, and I hope the offer is real and that the falsely maligned boys sue their tormentors for the evil they have done in setting up a fake confrontation and then spreading damaging lies. MAGA!

    • demonrats are very sneaky, always assume anything they say is a lie or a distortion of the truth or a truth that is manipulated for their own purposes. until proven otherwise.

  2. Kathy Griffin is one of the rarest of idiots who allow the TDS to make public fools of them OVER and OVER again! LOL! MAYBE it’s FINALLY time to keep your face shut, Kathy!

  3. Other than an evil, hatemongering clown who thinks insulting and destroying people she disagrees with is a legitimate way to gain popularity, what is a Kathie Griffin? Really! Never heard of her and surely I would not forget the face.

    • You would NOT forget her face??? Every time I see the pathetic stupid excuse for an earthling it looks uglier and more unrecognizable…and am glad that it is thus…her mug becomes more nightmarish as it ages without “grace”…

  4. demonrats are very sneaky, always assume anything they say is a lie or a distortion of the truth or a truth that is manipulated for their own purposes. until proven otherwise.

  5. “Trump derangement syndrome” has afflicted this brainless hag no end. Like her ‘allies’ in the mainstream fake media, she has no shame and they both broadcast their ignorance to the world…almost saying “….see how stupid we are…but you ( our adoring brain dead audience ) are even MORE stupid than we…because you fall for our BS every time ” !!!

  6. Kathy Griffin is a syphilitic chancre on the shaft of humanity…
    Reminds me of one of those things you get three balls yo hit at a carnival.


  7. Kathy Griffin is a vile uneducated lying progressive liberal who is trying to
    stay relevant! After she posed with a sitting president’s head dripping with blood, she got a visit from the US secret service! Can you imagine anyone doing this to Pres obama ? This woman suffers from some kind of mental illness not to mention TDS. She even had her neighbors file lawsuits against her. Her career was basically over and this is what she thinks will revive it(?). Seriously she’s off her rocker ☠️☠️ And who is she to pass judgement on the catholic students from Covington High School, who are the victims of the lying MSM. Not to mention the lying
    imitator of an army vet and native America, I still think this native was a plant by the progressive democrats !! Time will tell. It’s really sad that
    Griffin represents have of America and those who are trying to destroy our American way of life! God bless America!
    Trump,2020. Keep America safe and soverign!

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