Kathy Griffin Gets Axed from Her Last Gig After “Old White Men” Press Conference


TMZ is reporting that Kathy Griffin’s concert at the Uptown Theatre in Napa scheduled for June 17 has been canceled. That is the seventh cancellation and the last venue left on her comedy tour. It happened after her presser in which she blamed Trump and old white men for backlash over her beheading video.

Blaming Trump and old white men for what she did to herself hasn’t helped her in the least.

The Uptown Theatre cancellation was made after she took the mic with her lawyer, Gloria Allred’s daughter Lisa Bloom. Prior to the press conference, the Uptown Theatre intended to let the show go on. Her presser seems to have changed their minds and none of the others picker her up after the conference.

Even Lisa Bloom’s twisted logic of blaming Trump hasn’t worked for Griffin.

Acting like an ISIS militant and holding up the bloody head of Donald Trump – her artistic expression as Bloom called it – went over the line.

ISIS is angry, complaining that she is stealing their culture. They released a statement (this comment is satire):

“This is just another example of a privileged white woman culturally appropriating the proud custom of a marginalized people. Beheadings are our thing, not your thing,” said the statement, which was released on Telegram.

People on the right are showing up at today’s ‘March for Truth’ with signs saying ‘CNN Is ISIS’. CNN fired Griffin last week.

She only has herself to blame despite what she says. It looks like her troubles will follow her for a while. She should have just apologized and left it at that.

Trump did not destroy her and her crocodile tears didn’t work.

Old, white men didn’t do it either.

Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to condemn Griffin’s latest comments.

He also referenced Griffin’s comments in December when she said she would give then-10-year old Barron a ‘beat down’.

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