Kathy Griffin, Other Leftists Threaten, Doxx! The World the Left Wants!


“You have a bunch of kids, standing around minding their own business, being confronted by a radical, militant black group and a radical Native American banging his war drum…and the first reaction is it’s the kids’ fault.” ~ Rush Limbaugh

This Is the World the Left Wants!

Death threats and other abuse are still being waged against the Covington boys and their families. It’s the usual hate against white people, white boys, boys in MAGA hats, by racists and their hate-filled followers.

Kathy Griffin is enjoying herself doxxing these boys and she needs to be sued. We reported this already, but she deserves continued attention.

She went on a tear earlier.

Actor Ron Pearlman should be proud of himself, wishing a lifetime of misery on the Covington boys, already proven innocent with a two-hour video, not the one short moment in time clip pushed by leftists.

We posted this up earlier. He’s the famous Disney producer dirtbag.


The feminists were out.

The left is now accusing the kids of racism as you can see from the misinterpreted photo below. It’s based on an old video where they appear in black paint. The accusation is another lie.

The kids were participating in a “blackout” event where fans wear one sole color. Almost all of the students in the video are wearing black clothing of some kind, some from head to toe.

Idiot Carrz, look here:

The moron in this tweet is actually going with the fake white power sign. It’s an ‘okay’ sign you moron.

These people are literally, morons.


Twitter is still trending the deceitful, vile lies even though it is truly hate speech.

Here’s more for the families lawsuits.

Hopefully, the families will sue. They want to. They were all put in danger and evil people like Kathy Griffin who called for their doxxing need to be held to account.



  1. Jack Morrissey Quote “#MAGAkids go screaming, hats first, into the wood chipper.”

    Genesis 6:5 And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.This manufactured story was published to distract from the Buzzfeed Debacle.
    The left is becoming totally depraved. We do not put children to death in this country. The more the leftist media publishes fake nesw themore credibility they lose. Editorial page

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