Kathy Griffin Sides With Communist Antifa, Tells Portland Police to “F**** Off”


Unfunny comic Kathy Griffin told police in Portland, Oregon, to “f— off!” on Saturday in response to their warning to Communist-Anarchist Antifa protesters/rioters as they were assaulting police officers.

Griffin seems to think most of the nation’s police are “racist”. She tweeted “cops are largely racist”. Then she claimed the “cops are fighting the actual Portlanders and calling them ‘Antifa'”.

“Oh, f*ck off! Police in Portland, of all cites, siding with & protecting nazis ‘proud boys’ and ‘prayer…’ some sh*t. White America has to face the harsh reality that cops are largely racist. Yeah, I said it. The cops are fighting the actual Portlanders and calling them ‘antifa,’” she tweeted.

We posted a few photos here of the “actual Portlanders”. If you side with these guys, you are siding with an ideology responsible for the death of 100 million people.

Lovely people those “actual Portlanders”.

Griffin’s rant was in response to Portland Police attempting to keep the peace between the self-described Communist-Anarchist Antifa and the rightwing Prayer for Peace protesters [we have no idea if they are extreme rightwing but they weren’t violent].

Antifa were the uninvited counter protesters/rioters who show up with Molotov Cocktails and other incendiary devices whenever any rightwing group protests. Antifa believes, as does Griffin apparently, anyone to the right of leftists is a Nazi.

The police message that had her so incensed was:

“The sound truck has announced:

“This is the Portland Police Bureau. Officers have observed protesters throwing projectiles, including rocks and bottles. The projectiles were thrown at officers near SW Naito Pkwy and SW Columbia.

“All people in this area must immediately disperse. Failure to comply with this order may subject you to arrest or citation, and may subject you to the use of riot control agents or weapons.”

Antifa counter-protesters refused to obey police orders, surrounded the police, and attacked them with chemical weapons and projectiles, injuring a reporter in the process, The Oregonian reports:

“In a statement released Saturday night, officials said police vehicles were surrounded by the group and protesters were “throwing an unknown chemical agent as well as other projectiles at officers” prior to the use of flash-bang grenades. Police also fired pepper balls and so-called “less lethal” rounds at protesters.

“The move elicited loud cheers of “USA! USA!” from the right-leaning group cordoned across the street.

“After the dispersal order was given, some projectiles were thrown at police, one of which hit Eder Campuzano, a reporter from The Oregonian/OregonLive, in the head. He was bloodied, but is doing fine.”

Griffin’s rant is more proof she’s a lunatic:

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