Kathy Griffin Triggered Over Justice Kavanaugh Feeding the Homeless


Kathy Griffin is triggered once again by a good man feeding the homeless. It is something Justice Brett Kavanaugh has done for years. Griffin on the other hand is a mindless, potty-mouthed, unfunny mean girl.

TMZ speaks the truth about him feeding the homeless and she goes off the rails. She called him one of “Trump’s monsters.”

If she read the transcript and other information about Credible Christine Ford, she might call her a leftist monster.


“Cynics might see this as a blatant attempt at image repair after the nightmare of his confirmation hearing, but the truth is … this appears to be a regular thing for him,” TMZ wrote.

“The Justice was also seen serving up grub to the homeless back in July with the same organization.”

Another mean girl – a 75-year old mean girl, Joy Behar suggested on The View that Melania Trump isn’t upset about her husband’s alleged affairs because she herself might have had an affair with Donald Trump while he was married.

Behar has no reason to believe that, she made it up out of whole cloth.

Melania Trump was also recently maligned for her choice of a hat while in Africa. The media had nothing nice to say about her. They merely insulted anything and everything she said and did.

Her spokesperson responded to the latter and that also triggered hate monger Griffin. Everything she disagrees with triggers her.


  1. Umh, I guess not enough press has been given to the fact that President Trump is giving back ALL the tax dollars he receives in salary, so NO Melania is not using our tax dollars Kathy.

  2. People like this really and truly believe that everyone is as filthy minded and ignorant as they…hence problem…People that DO good and charitable works HAVE to be maligned at any cost…not saying all are lily white on either side but the left appears to have a preponderance on the dark side…

  3. as a probable atheist, she will never find happiness and deserves every second of her misery that her money can’t erase.

  4. Kathy and Joy a couple of red headed harpy hags that can’t play nice. These two women are ugly inside as well as out. They have dirty souls and know when their miserable lives end that they will be as irrelevent as they are now.

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