Katie Tur Nixes Idea of Adhering to the Constitution as If It’s 1776


Katie Tur says the “arc of history” has shown that opinions have become more Progressive [Socialist] and she wonders if we should take such a strict view of the Constitution ‘like it’s 1776’. Yes, that is what she said.

The media now cites the “arc of history” as fact.

The Constitution, modified numerous times to update it, is our rule of law. Someone needs to explain that to the MSNBC host. Tur suggests we are all Progressives now, thereby admitting Progressives don’t want to abide by the Constitution.

it should also be noted the Constitution was written in 1787 and signed September 17, 1787.

That reminds us that Justice Ginsberg once told Egyptians not to follow the U.S. Constitution. She prefers the South African constitution. South Africa is the country where white farmers are killed because they’re white and where the government officially stated white farmland can be taken over without compensation.


  1. Too bad the Founders of our country didn’t provide for a way to amend the Constitution except by judicial fiat. Oh wait, they did just that. In fact there are two ways in which the US Constitution can be amended to reflect our “arc of history” progressiveness. The moron factor in Tur is strong.

  2. she doesn’t understand that it’s the reason her prissy little simpleton white a$$ can sit there on tv and say what she says, all because of the infinite truths held in that document. i certainly choose to follow the tested contents of the constitution rather than the flippant opinion of some dweeb that could be fired tomorrow for spewing fake news over the airwaves

  3. To all the meathead dumbass’s in the media and the left, the Constitution is the reason this is the most powerful, richest, free country in the world, the founders wrote it to counter what life was like in other country’s, as far as Ginsberg go’s, put her in a wax museum, she is pretty much at room temperature now!!!!

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