Kavanaugh conspiracy theory authors insult the ‘victim’ in their story


The two reporters who are behind the book and book review denigrating Justice Kavanaugh as a serial sex abuser have hit a new low. Co-author Robin Pogrebin is now speculating about the ‘victim,’ who isn’t even a victim, and, without any knowledge of this woman’s behaviors, she said she was probably drunk.

It seems the ‘victim’ doesn’t remember the incident. In the real world, if there is no victim, there is no crime.

The non-victim is a friend of Deborah Ramirez, the other accuser who had a similar story, and she said she trusts Deborah. However, it took six days for Deborah to remember Brett Kavanaugh thrust his penis in her face more than three decades before.

When asked why the victim won’t come forward, Pogrebin said it was a drunken party and she was probably drunk. She has no information whatsoever to make that allegation. It’s an attack on a woman.

“I tried to reach her, and she had no interest in addressing these allegations,” Pogrebin said to Alisyn Camerota on “New Day.”

“My sense is, from those who know her, is that she doesn’t remember it,” the reporter replied. “Let’s remember that this was a drunken party, and it’s conceivable that people don’t always remember what happens in a situation like that.

“A lot of drunken people, you know, Brett was taken over to her by his friends, they were drunk, she was drunk, and they put his penis in her hand.”

First of all, she acts as if Brett Kavanaugh did it, no two ways about it. Secondly, she’s victim shaming, insinuating the victim was so drunk she couldn’t remember an assault.

It’s more likely it didn’t happen.

Ms. Pogrebin is awful. She just makes up stuff to get out of a tight situation and has no compunctions about trashing an innocent man. He’s innocent until proven guilty.

The allegation only comes from one man, Max Stier, who opposed Brett Kavanaugh during the Clinton impeachment hearings. He’s also a Democrat donor. And, Stier won’t come forward. He talks through two friends which does not speak well of Mr. Stier.

The NY Times is irresponsible and negligent and so are these two authors. Their book can’t be trusted. They will say anything, destroy anyone, to cover up their egregious errors. They are truly malicious people.

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