Kavanaugh Hires an Attorney to Defend Against SJW Christine Blasey



Brett Kavanaugh hired the founding partner of Wilkinson Walsh + Eskovitz — Beth Wilkinson — after he was accused of attempted rape and worse by California leftist, Christine Blasey Ford.

Wilkinson represents clients before the Department of Justice, Congress, and other government agencies, according to her bio page.

Democrats are demanding the FBI investigate this vague 36-year-old event/crime. We say vague since the accuser can’t remember when or where it happened yet she says she is still traumatized.

In addition to her career as a defense lawyer, Wilkinson is also known for successfully prosecuting Oklahoma City bombers Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols for their roles in the April 1995 bombing that left 168 people dead.

Kavanaugh calls the events as described by Blasey as a “completely false allegation.”

Kavanaugh has issued two statements denying the allegations.

“I have never done anything like what the accuser describes — to her or to anyone,” Kavanaugh said. “Because this never happened, I had no idea who was making this accusation until she identified herself yesterday.”

Blasey is represented by a Democrat shill. She’s a big Democrat donor.


Currently, Susan Collins is questioning the timing and the motivations of the Democrats, which suggest she has a lot more courage than Senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake.

“What is puzzling to me is the Democrats, by not bringing this out earlier, after having had this information for more than six weeks, have managed to cast a cloud of doubt on both the professor and the judge,” Collins said.

“If they believed Professor Ford, why didn’t they surface this information earlier so that he could be questioned about it?” she added. “And if they didn’t believe her and chose to withhold the information, why did they decide at the 11th hour to release it? It is really not fair to either of them the way it is was handled.”

Republican Senators Corker and Flake, on the other hand, are calling for a delay because of their hatred for the President. They are virulent anti-Trumpists. Damaging him is more important to them than doing the right thing.

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is also waffling, saying there might have to be a delay.


Blasey spent recent days erasing her social media presence, probably to hide the fact that she’s a far-left social justice warrior. [Being an SJW doesn’t mean she’s lying, but it could be motivation if she turns out to be lying.]

A registered Democrat, Christine Blasey has donated small amounts to communist Bernie Sanders and Democrats in general. That does give a hint as to her mindset. She donated through the George Soros Act Blue organization. Act Blue is one of the organizations purposed to destroy Donald Trump and Republicans.

She took part in a science march in California, ‘March for Science San Francisco’, last year where she donned a brain hat version of the “pussy hats” worn at the January 2017 Women’s March.

The newspaper said the event was held because people were “angered by the Trump administration’s proposed cuts to research.”

Blasey was quoted by the San Jose Mercury.

“It’s a science party!” said biostatistician Christine Blasey, of Palo Alto, who will wear an elaborately knitted cap of the human brain — yarn turned into a supersized cerebral cortex — inspired by the “pussy hats” donned during the Women’s Marches.”

“Getting introverted people to the march — that’s huge,” she laughed.

A photo of these hats was posted with the article and captioned: “Pleasanton knitter Eilene Cross made ‘brain caps’ for the upcoming March for Science, to be worn by friend Christine Blasey of Palo Alto.”

She also signed a letter opposing the President’s border policies.



  1. Here is a little about Ford’s attorney, she is a liberal hypocrite big time……………. Blasey Ford’s lawyer, Debra Katz, told CBS Evening News in 1998 that Bill Clinton accuser Paula Jones’s claims would not hold up in court because, “Clearly a one-time incident that took place in 10 to 12 minutes, she was not forced to have sex, she left on her own volition, the courts increasingly are finding that that is not enough to create a sexually hostile work environment claim.”………………. Fast forward to 2017 and Katz defended then Sen. Al Franken after a photo appeared of him mock groping a female colleague while working as a comedian. At the time Katz said, “Context is relevant. He did not do this as a member of the U.S. Senate. He did this in his capacity of someone who was still functioning as an entertainer,” and dismissed concern it was sexual harassment………………..but we are suppose to believe some story full of holes that happened 35 years ago?

  2. With zero witnesses, no proof, no recollection of the location or even the year of the alleged occurrence, considering Christine’s story’s inconsistencies with her therepy notes, and that this woman apparently has a history of being emotionally disturbed, how Brett’s best friend flat out denies any such activity ever happened, Christine’s hate for Trump and the Wall, and the very real revenge motive originating from when Brett’s mom presided as Judge over Christine’s family’s court case, ending in a result that did not go well for them, where is the Declaration of Outrage from the RNC?

    Could this simply be more proof that Trump derangement is a serious medical condition leading to delusions and extreme emotional outbursts.

  3. She doesn’t even know the year it happened or the house it happen at. Blasey-Fords parents house was foreclosed on and the judge presiding over the case was Brett Kavanaugh’s mother. I find the to be too much of a coincidence.

    • In actuality Kavenaugh’s mother decided in favor of the Blaseys! Don’t believe the false stories …. that matter had nothing to do with Blasey-Ford’s being a ‘willing’ promoter of anti-Kavenaugh sleaze.

      • So, Albert, do you have a link to Judge Kavanaugh’s decision to not foreclose on the home???? Please, share it and we’ll all shut up. Otherwise, you’re blowing smoke and you should know, that stuff you’re smokin’ was cured in manure.

  4. If these allegations are proven false, the democRATs Dianne Feinstein and Chuck U. Schumer should be tarred and feather and run out of town for what they have done to Kavanaugh and his family. Just think of the effect this is having on his two young daughters and all for nothing but the want of a few slimy democRATs wanting to get their way and keep their power.

  5. This accusation has zero credibility. There is zero evidence and no specifics, no date, no time, no place, no corraborating witness. Just a 35 year old random accusation. If there wasn’t Robert Bork or the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas thing. If the Democrats hadn’t been using every possible tactic to delay the vote until after the mid term elections (requesting millions of documents; protesting and shouting out during the hearings, etc), if the accuser wasn’t a far left activist with a political motive/agenda, and if this allegation came out in July, I may have considered it. But no. Not even a second thought. All this accusation does is prove that Democrats are scum and will do anything to thwart our political process and the will of the people.

  6. What the heck??…from Fox news Grassley suggests last-minute Kavanaugh hearing could be canceled if accuser doesn’t accept invite……“We have reached out to her in the last 36 hours three or four times by email and we have not heard from them, and it kind of raises the question, do they want to come to the public hearing or not?”,,,,,,,,,,,

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