Kayla Mueller, Self-Sacrificing, Misguided Humanitarian, Brutally Murdered by Savages


Kayla Mueller’s family received email proof from ISIS that Kayla was indeed killed.

If terrorists would kill a 26-year old like this who only wanted to help Syrians and others, they’re simply savages. It’s very tragic.

Kayla Mueller

Before going to Northern Arizona University, she worked for the Save Darfur Coalition, wrote letters to members of Congress, took part in environmental causes and was honored with a local award for activism, according to CNN.

She was described as a brilliant student who worked as an anti-war activist and helped soldiers returning home from war. At the university, she was in a campus ministry just peace group.

She volunteered in a women’s shelter and worked at Northland Cares, an HIV/AIDS clinic. She was kidnapped while helping Syrian people in Syria after having made her way there via France and Turkey.

By May, the parents received word that she was being held captive by ISIS. In July, U.S. military came close to where she was held. There were reports that there was actionable intelligence on where she was held. Barack Obama claimed he tried to rescue her but details surfacing indicate there was a 5-week gap between intelligence and an attempted rescue.

In August, her parents were asked for a ransom of 5 million Euros.

A letter written to her family can be found here.

She was a good person but misguided.

The International Solidarity Movement, an anti-Israel group, claimed she was a member and joined with them in protests. It’s part of the anti-Semitic BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement.**

Kayla in protest tent below:


How did her death serve these terrorists? Her death brings more anger towards the radical Islamists.

ISIS/ISIL attempted to blame the Jordanian air force for the murder.

The Pentagon, meanwhile, said it is certain Mueller did not die in one of the Jordanian airstrikes. When asked Tuesday if there was any doubt who killed Mueller, Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby replied, “No doubt. ISIL.”

The conference with her Aunts was very sad:

More info about her anti-Israel work at WaPo and the NY Times

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