Keeping America Crazy, Democrats Push to Abolish ICE


Democrats go from one crisis to another. This is how they keep us off our feet and get us to back down. It’s an old Soviet tactic. It’s also a perfect way to keep the borders open.

Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan on Monday announced legislation to abolish the federal agency. “Unfortunately, President Trump and his team of white nationalists, including Stephen Miller, have so misused ICE that the agency can no longer accomplish its goals effectively,” Pocan claimed.

“From conducting raids at garden centers, and meatpacking plants, to breaking up families at churches and schools, ICE is tearing apart families and ripping the moral fabric of our nation,” Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) said in a statement.

“During my trip to the southern border, it was clear that ICE, and its actions of hunting down and tearing apart families, has wreaked havoc on far too many people,” he said.

What a crock. When Obama was separating families, 72,000 by 2014, they didn’t care at all.

ICE, the Department of so-called white nationalists is more than fifty percent Hispanic.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) public affairs office told The Daily Caller News Foundation that about 51 percent of Border Patrol agents were Hispanic or Latino at the end of FY 2016. About 50 percent of all Border Patrol staff, not just agents, were Hispanic or Latino.

Maybe they become white when they join law enforcement. Honestly, I think of Hispanics as white. Apparently, we have to separate them out.

The exact same leftists who march for women in pussy hats, who occupy buildings, riot in Ferguson, march for fake climate change, are the people now lining up in cities throughout the nation to abolish ICE. It’s the exact same people — they got the memos from Move On and other leftist organizing groups.

It’s not really that the abolish ICE movement is gaining steam, it’s that anti-American groups backed by people like Clinton, Obama, Soros, and their ilk are making it seem like the entire country feels the same way.

This is all staged by the hard-left and their useful idiots.

Democrats are allowing communists and anarchists to take control.

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