Keeping Portland Crazy With Beheadings… in Effigy…For Now


Democrats are busy publicizing their Trump Derangement Syndrome and we can only pray they get help. The latest display of hate from the left involves beheadings.


One Grand Gallery, an art gallery in Portland, Oregon, has posted a graphic painting of President Donald Trump being beheaded with a knife to his throat.

The painting includes the caption, “F*** Trump”.

Even in crazy Portland, there was backlash. The gallery claimed they got death threats and took the painting down.


Occupy ICE protesters in Portland, Oregon, rolled out a makeshift guillotine and beheaded a piñata of President Donald Trump Tuesday, Daily Caller reported.

Several people yelled, “Off with his head!” while the Trump piñata was placed under the knife by some protesters wearing scarves on their necks and covering their mouths. A sign in front of the guillotine read, “Brick by brick, wall by wall, we will make the borders fall.”

As they sliced off the head, candy fell out. People standing by were thrilled. One protester put the decapitated head on the guillotine one more time and said it’s “perfect”.

Understand, Trump is a symbol for traditional Americans and the right in general. These Democrats hate everyone who voted for Trump and they believe anything goes.

The Democrats are the party of fascists, control freaks, and violence. At least they are finally being honest. They want this for all of us. Vote Democrat and you can live in their dark world all the time.

The DNC-declared, “future of the Democrat Party”, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez insists we must all be occupiers.

She also believes in open borders and no prisons — prisons are slavery.

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